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Givens Presents Latest Book to BCHS Library

BCHS Librarian Paula Clark and author Roger Givens

Roger Givens presented Butler County High School Librarian Paula Clark with a copy of his latest book, “African American Life In Butler County, Kentucky – Black Culture, Contributions, and Community,” on February 11. Givens gave the book in honor of African-American History Month that takes place during February. The book paints a picture with words of African-American life in Butler County, beginning with the first slaves brought into the area, where they lived and their numerous, and seldom recognized, contributions to the development of the county. Also documented are the families owning slaves in the county.  Included in the narrative are the names of known African-American soldiers, the wars in which they were involved, the units in which each served and actions in which the units participated. Overviews of education, religious life and cultural traditions of the black community in the county both before and after slavery are also provided. The conclusion of the study provides the names of the black families and members of each, in what communities they lived, and insight into the economic conditions faced, following through to the present. The books are available at Beechtree News.


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