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Friendly Furniture going out of business after 40+ years

Friendly Furniture has been open for business in Morgantown for over 40 years, however, that will soon come to an end. Owners Bill and Vicky Freedle say that with the economy the way it is, and some health issues, it's just time for the store to go.

"I'm going to be 69 in a few weeks and we both have some health issues," said Bill, "And we have grandchildren that we would like to spend time with. There are places we would like to go, things that we'd like to do, and people we'd like to see."

The "Going Out of Business Sale" will continue as the Freedle's deplete their inventory. Bill says that with the tremendous response from the community that over half of their inventory is gone.

Friendly Furniture still has bedding, recliners, living room suites, mirrors, lamps, decorative accessories, some bedroom and dining room furniture, curios, and a few used things.



I am so sorry to hear this. As a new bride 25 years living in Lexington, my mil got us our first living and bedroom suite from Bill and he brought them all the way to Lexington to deliver them. Very thoughtful and nice of him.
It's sad to see this business close after so many years. Our family supported Friendly Furniture through a number of purchases and probably hundreds of movies that were rented from their store over the years. My dad spent a number of Christmases sitting in a giant chair out in the parking lot as Santa Claus waving at traffic passing by. Best of luck to Bill and Vicky as you enjoy your time with children and grandchildren and maybe visiting all the foreign exchange students your family has hosted over the years in Morgantown.
So many memories! Such fun times growing up at the store. Thank you for your kind comments and memories you have shared. I am so thankful and proud of the decision mom and dad have made- we look forward to spending more time with them. It takes bravery to make changes in ones life - we are thankful for theirs.

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