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Free Dairy Products Available for BC Families

All Butler County Families will be able to receive a box of free dairy products on August 13th beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Butler County Extension Office parking lot.  The products will be distributed “drive through” style.  

The dairy industry was able to secure funds from the Federal Coronavirus Food Assistance Fund to provide fresh dairy products to families in Kentucky.  Thanks to efforts from H&S Dairy we are able to offer the program in Butler County on August 13. 

Photo:  Dairy animals seeking shade on a hot day,  photo courtesy of UK Ag. Communications

The boxes will contain milk, cheese, and other fresh dairy products.  They will be given to you cold and recipients will need to get them refrigerated as quickly as possible.  I want to thank H&S Dairy, The KY Dairy Development Council, and Prairie Farms for making this possible for Butler County. 

People will need to have documentation that they live in Butler County to receive these products. 


By: Greg Drake II, Butler County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources


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