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Frank Hobbs, Painter

I am constantly in awe of the artists we have in Butler County. The talent here is impressive, and it never ceases to surprise me. The artist I had the pleasure to meet for this interview was Frank Hobbs. Yet artist doesn't encompass a complete description of Mr. Hobbs. He paints, volunteers, and teaches; he's a giver.


Painting became a serious hobby for Mr. Hobbs three years ago when he retired. After working in the Merchant Marines for fifty years as a Captain, Mr. Hobbs was ready to settle down and made his home in Butler County. I asked if he had previously painted much before retirement, and he said he painted billboards for Coca-Cola years ago, which I found fascinating. Today all billboards are either wraps or digital, so being able to paint a billboard is talent.

When asked what inspires him to paint, Mr. Hobbs said, "whatever trips my trigger." His subjects are portraits, pets, wildlife, and fantasy. Some pieces are from his imagination, and others come as commissioned requests.

When I say Mr. Hobbs is a giver, the man is a volunteer guru. When not enjoying his retirement and painting, he works with the Butler County Boy Scout Troop 208, teaching them classes to earn merit badges.

Mr. Hobbs voluntarily teaches guitar to several children, with some already graduating to The School of Rock in Bowling Green to further their musical educations. His volunteerism is rubbing off on his music students as well. These students he takes to perform at the nursing home and other venues.

Art comes in all forms. It's alive on canvas, in music, and the heart. All these forms are evident in Mr. Hobbs' paintings and volunteer work. If you would like to view his art and purchase any of his pieces, they are currently on display at the guild. If you want to support the Butler County Arts Guild and meet Mr. Hobbs and other artists, come to the reception this Saturday, August 13th, from 2-4 at the Butler County Arts Guild.


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