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Football Bears sidelined from home games due to safety concerns with field; Homecoming & Senior Night rescheduled

Ongoing field issues with the Butler County High School football field have sidelined the gridiron Bears from hosting home games for the remainder of the season. Butler County School officials made the decision earlier this week citing safety concerns for student athletes.

According to Superintendent Scott Howard, a combination of moles, grub worms, and an invasion of skunks (as many as 10) have created numerous holes on the field creating a safety concern.  Although the field has been in need of basic work, Howard stated there had not been any safety concerns with the field prior to this point and that school officials had hoped to get through this season before undertaking the project.    
"We have been treating the field and rolling it in an attempt to deal the problem but there are still several soft spots," said Howard.  "With the situation as it is, we have to put safety first."

The Butler County High School football team has three games remaining on its 2017 schedule:  October 13 at McLean; Todd County Central at home on October 20; and Ohio County at home on October 27. 

Due to field conditions, the district game against Todd will be moved to Thursday, October 19, at Warren East High School.  The non-district game against Ohio County will be moved to Ohio County.  A middle school state tournament game, which BCMS had an opportunity to host, has also been moved to another school. 

Also, two related high school events have been rescheduled - football homecoming and senior night recognition.  Both will now be stand-alone events scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 26, at the football field.  The band will be performing, cheerleaders will be present, and a bonfire will be provided by the Butler County Drug Free Coalition.  Homecoming festivities will be conducted in the same manner as it has always been. 

Superintendent Howard said the long-term plan is to totally re-work the high school football field in early spring.  This includes complete dirt work, sowing new grass, and rebuilding the crown of the field.  Howard said Bermuda grass would be used due to its durability.    

All games will be broadcast on WLBQ 101.5.  Kick-off times are 7 p.m.





























I hate to hear this situation with our football field. I don't think I have ever heard of this happening before and that makes me wonder what was done in the past that prevented damage to the field. Has this happened due to neglect from our present leaders in the school system, did someone pass the buck and say I thought you were taking care of this? I'm sure glad my dad is not here to here this, he spent every Friday night at the football games as the announcer and team doctor for several years. I can only imagine what he would be saying right now. the cost to maintain is almost certainly less expensive than what you will be doing to the field to correct all the problems. Some one needs to step up and fix this problem and get the right people in there to maintain this field for the future of our ball program and the kids who use it everyday. If you can maintain your personal yards you surely can do the same for our kids.

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