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Five Questions: Richie Bratcher/Candidate for Butler County Judge-Executive

Background:  Richie Bratcher, age 49, is a candidate for Butler County Judge-Executive.  He lives at 49 Welcome Road, Morgantown, KY.  He is employed by the Butler County Board of Education and works with special needs students. 


1.  Broadly speaking, what are the primary reasons you are seeking the office for which you are running?

I would like to have the opportunity to help bring new industry to our county, to improve roads where possible, and work hard to improve the lives of my fellow citizens.


2.  What specific qualifications do you possess that would allow you to be effective in the position you are seeking?

I have owned several businesses for over 27 years.  I am the founder of Butler County Cancer Assistance, a youth leader in church, have served on numerous volunteer boards in the county, and have supported various Butler County organizations with my time and finances for many years. 


3.  Identify the key issues impacting the position for which you are running and describe how you would propose to address them as a public officeholder?

Industry - I would work every day to make new contacts around the country to bring them to Butler County.

Youth - I would check into new activities for our youth to have hear in the county. 

Microfiber Technology - I would find a way to see that we have this service countywide


4.  As a potential or current elected official, what do you see as the proper role and function of local government?

I think the proper role of local government is to manage all assets, time, money, etc. to the best of their ability to help Butler County progress.


5.  What is your long-term vision for Butler County?  For example, what kind of community would like ours to be in ten years?

My vision of Butler County is to have lower unemployment, more jobs, more youth activities, booming economics, and newer technology, which would provide more reasons to live and work at home - Butler County. 


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