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Five Generations on the front porch of 100 year old home

Brennan Smith in the arms of his mother, Heather Martin Smith, who stands beside her mother, Charolette Cardwell Martin, beside her father, Howard Cardwell, behind his mother, Loretta Howard Cardwell, seated.   Loretta Cardwell was the wife of Rev. James Cardwell and they parented six (6) sons at the home place on Possum Hollow Road in Butler County.

James and Loretta Cardwell had six sons; Charles Howard (1941), James Monroe (1942), David Leon (1944), Gilbert Thomas (1950), Maurice Dale (1956-2001) and Philip Wayne (1958).  They also have numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.  Loretta still resides on the Howard/Cardwell farm located on Possum Hollow Road in a farm house that was built by Bill Vol Warren in 1911.

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Loretta is shown as the 8 or 9 year old girl in the photo of four generations taken back in 1928-29, with her mother, Mittie Daugherty Howard; her grandmother, Arpie Taylor; and her great-grandmother, Mary Hicks Taylor.


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