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Fiscal Court: Landfill, Boat Ramps, and Truck Lease Discussed

The Butler County Fiscal Court closed the month of May with a special session on May 29th at the Butler County Courthouse. All members were present, along with a small group of interested visitors.

The Magistrates voted 5-0 to accept the yearly agreement with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for county road aid. The squires also voted unanimously to approve $100-mile litter abatement payments to; MCC Mission Team-$654' MCC Youth Group-$708, Methodist Men Church-$643, and Methodist Church-$601.

PVA Angie Pendley spoke to the Court concerning the expansion of her office space. Pendley asked the Court to approve a bid of $4,352.00 from Cooper Carpets for new flooring in her office. The PVA said that the actual cost of the floor will be less than the bid because her office area doesn't need the tile replaced, and she had decided to use less expensive carpet in the project. She said if the cost proved to be higher she would pay the difference out of her budget. She added that so far he has spent almost $3,800 from her office's budget on the project. The motion passed 5-0.

Magistrate Stevie Givens asked if it was time to get flooring bids for the new courthouse break room as well. The matter was not on the agenda for the special session, so no action was taken.

Next Sheriff Scottie Ward asked the Court to approve a vehicle lease for his office through Lease One Magnolia. Ward said that his office will pay the lease through drug fund monies, but regulations require the Fiscal Court to approve the lease. The Sheriff's Office will replace one of the oldest cars in the fleet with a 2014 police package Dodge Ram pickup. The total cost will be $29,632, and includes lights and other equipment. Ward said the cruiser being replaced has well over 200,000 miles, and is currently used by deputy John Jackson. The magistrates approved the lease by a 5-0 vote.

The Court moved one step closer to construction of two new boat ramps on Green River on the north side of River in Leonard Oak. The squires approved a payment of $3,300 dollars to the Kentucky Natural Land Trust for relocation of a population of endangered Indiana Bats. According to Judge-Executive David Fields the study of mussels at the sites found no mussels on the endangered species list, meaning that construction can commence in the fall following relocation of the bats. The motion passed 5-0.

The Court then went into closed session with County Attorney Dick Deye to discuss pending litigation. When they returned to open session the magistrates voted 4-1 (Keith Daugherty voted No) to authorize Deye to ask the courts for a Declaratory Judgement against the City of Bowling Green concerning an unused portion of the landfill that Bowling Green operates in Butler County.

The judgement stems from plans by the City of Bowling Green to sell approximately 66-acres of the landfill property to an unnamed buyer, for the purpose of opening another landfill. The Declaratory Judgement would clarify ownership and liability on the property ahead of the proposed sale.

The City of Bowling Green currently has an environmental project underway on the closed portion of the property. The project will eliminate leeching problems and other areas of concern with the used area of the property, but does not affect the area proposed for the sale.

With no other agenda items the meeting was then adjourned.


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