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Fire on Love-Lee Road

Fire Departments from 5th District, 4th District, Bear Creek and Caneyville responded to a fire at 6822 Love Lee Road on Wednesday morning around 9:30am.  A neighbor called and reported the fire, believed to have started from an electrical outlet in the living room. 

Luckily, nobody was at home at the time.  John Embry and his girlfriend Lynn Haynes lived in the trailer along with three children.  Embry was at work in Russellville, two of the children were at school and the third child and Haynes had gone to the doctor.  Embry rents the trailer from Barbara Lacefield.   Haynes is on oxygen and six small tanks were inside the house but did not explode.  The family dog was rescued by the firemen.  Anyone wanting to donate to the family should contact Charlene Haynes at 270 879-3848.



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