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Fire on Huntsville-Silver City Rd

Firefighters from two counties responded to a brush fire this afternoon in the 1500 block of Huntsville-Silver City Rd on the old Newell Givens property. A small brush fire started by Vernon Hardison, step-son of Givens, got out of control and spread quickly. Approximately five acres burned before firefighters could contain the blaze. Firefighters battled breezy conditions at times when working to contain the fire.

2nd District firefighters soak this smoldering tree

After firefighters contained the fire, they spread out to find hot spots and put them out before the fire could rekindle.

Firefighters spread out to create a break line

Responding to the scene were volunteer firefighters from 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Districts and Morgantown as well as Lewisburg from Logan County.




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