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Sharon Williams, Kentucky Society DAR 2nd District Director; Phyllis VonShrohe, Kentucky Society DAR Cochair Volunteer Genealogy Committee; Lynda O’Driscoll, Butler County Chapter Regent; Robin Bennett, Kentucky Society DAR State Registrar; Melanie Hunt, Kentucky Society DAR State Recording Secretary, National Vice Chair East Central Division for American Indians, Green River Chapter Regent

The Butler County Chapter NSDAR held a genealogy workshop on Saturday, February 24 in Morgantown. The workshop was conducted by Robin Bennett, KSDAR State Registrar and Phyllis VonShrohe, Cochair State Volunteer Genealogy Committee both from Boone County, KY. Thirty-four people were in attendance including members from 7 different DAR chapters. After partaking in a delicious breakfast bar, the guests enjoyed an informational session on how to best find female ancestors when doing family research. It included which documents to search for and how to find supplementals to your initial DAR Patriot. They encouraged researchers to never give up, that when one door closes another will usually open with important relative information behind it. They also highlighted the roll of women in the Revolutionary War, as some took care of the wounded, others provided a place for the soldiers to sleep as well as feeding them and helping to care for their animals. Some carried water and even gunpowder to the soldiers. The event ended with a delicious lunch of homemade soup, sandwiches, desserts and more provided by the Butler County Chapter ladies.

  Any female, at least 18 years of age, interested in becoming a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution ‘DAR’ should contact any Butler County Chapter member or call 270-999-2002 or 270-734-5137 for more information.



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