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Exciting Achievements for Butler County Track Team

Photo by Laurie Keen Photography

The Butler County Track Team has been making remarkable strides this season, with outstanding performances and notable achievements.

Throughout the year, two exceptional athletes from the team managed to break longstanding school records, showcasing their dedication and skill. Parker Smith, a standout performer, set new school records in two events. In the 1600m run, Smith achieved a remarkable time of 4 minutes and 37 seconds, while in the 3200m run, he achieved an impressive time of 10 minutes and 13 seconds. These record-breaking performances highlight Smith's exceptional talent and determination.

Ann Marie Skaggs, another outstanding athlete on the team, set a new triple jump record with a remarkable jump of 30 feet and 5 inches. Skaggs' achievement in the triple jump showcases her athleticism and dedication to her craft.

For the latest updates and visuals from the Butler County Track Team, interested individuals can visit the team's Facebook page. The page contains valuable information, including updates on upcoming events, pictures, and more, providing an insight into the team's progress and successes.

In recent events, the men's track team emerged victorious on senior night, securing first place. The women's track team also performed admirably, achieving second place. This successful meet highlighted the talent and dedication of the athletes as they showcased their skills in front of a supportive home crowd.

Turning towards regional competitions, the Butler County Track Team continued to impress with their strong performances. Noteworthy results include the first-place finish in the Boys 4x800 Meter Relay and Gage Beasley's second-place finish in the Boys 110 meter event. The team also secured third place in the Boys 4x200 Meter Relay, while Kyle Chambers achieved second place in the Boys 400 meter Dash. Gage Beasley's outstanding skills were again evident with his second-place finish in the Boys 300 meter Hurdles, while Kyle Chambers secured fifth place in the Boys 200 meter Dash.

Parker Smith's exceptional abilities were on full display, with a fourth-place finish in the Boys 1600 meter Run and a first-place finish in the Boys 800 meter Run. Smith's talent and determination were further showcased with a third-place finish in the Boys 3200 meter Run. The team also achieved first place in the Boys 4x400 Meter Relay event.

In the regional competition, the Girls track team secured 14th place, while the Boys track team demonstrated their strength and skill, securing an impressive second-place finish. The team's overall performance in the region highlights their commitment to excellence and the hard work they have put into their training.

The following athletes qualified for the upcoming state tournament:


4x800m Relay

Emma Winchel, Taylor Leach, Harmony Taylor, Briley Webster

High Jump - Ann Marie Skaggs


4×800m Relay

Ryder Harbaugh, Case Hooten, Landon Henderson, Parker Smith

110mh/300mh - Gage Beasley

400m - Kyle Chambers

800m/1600m/3200m - Parker Smith

High jump/triple jump - Luke Laughing

4x200m Relay

Gage Beasley, Luke Laughing, Ryder Harbaugh, Kyle Chambers

4x400m Relay

Gage Beasley, Luke Laughing, Ryder Harbaugh, Kyle Chambers


As the season concludes, the Butler County Track Team can be proud of their accomplishments, the breaking of school records, and their strong performances at various meets and competitions. Their dedication, talent, and teamwork have propelled them to success, and they will undoubtedly look forward to further achievements in the seasons to come.


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