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Endorsement of Dukes Candidate for 15th District State Representative

In the upcoming 2022 primary election I would like to officially endorse Timothy R. Dukes for the office of State Representative in the 15th District in Western Kentucky that includes both Muhlenberg and Butler Counties.  While we have two good candidates in the Republican Primary, I believe Timothy “Tim” Dukes has the more experience and greater set of skills both in life and business creation that are needed to successfully serve in the office at this time in our state’s history.


He has a healthcare background in administration and has created jobs which are much needed in the district.  Many steps have been taken and policies put in place over the last six years to help bring jobs to both the state and the 15th District.  We are now poised to get jobs and Tim’s experience will serve us well in continuing to help do just that.

With all of the division throughout out culture today, we need someone with the experience of having managed hundreds of individuals and multiple issues simultaneously coupled with the ability of facilitating consensus and collaboration that Tim has accomplished in the successful businesses he has either been a part of or helped create.  This is exactly what is needed in Frankfort to help continue to move Kentucky forward.

He is honest, dependable, and willing to work the long hours it will take to serve both Muhlenberg and Butler Counties in this position.  With his Pro-Life, Pro-1st and 2nd Amendments, Pro-Veterans/Military, Pro-First Responders, Pro Jobs/Community Growth positions, I believe Timothy R. Dukes is the best candidate for State Representative for the 15th District.


Representative Melinda Gibbons Prunty


*Paid for by Timothy R. Dukes Candidate for 15th District State Representative*


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