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EDITORIAL: Tuck the right choice for superintendent

Selecting a new school superintendent isn’t an easy process and the recent search in Butler County was complicated ever further by the coronavirus pandemic, school shutdowns, and overall social anxiety.  With over twenty applicants, several from other states, there were likely several good candidates.  Nevertheless, the Butler County Board of Education pushed through the process in the middle of a pandemic and in the end made the right call in naming Robert Tuck as the next superintendent of Butler County Schools.  

Let’s be clear - Mr. Tuck wasn’t the right choice simply because he may have been the only local candidate for the position.  That type of thinking does a disservice to the Board, Tuck and the selection process.  While we are not familiar with the qualifications of the other applicants, we believe those of Mr. Tuck more than qualify him to lead Butler County Schools.

A quick look at his educational resume reveals someone steeped in school matters at multiple levels and in many different capacities.  This isn’t his first rodeo.  At age 46 and with over a decade of experience in the classroom, Tuck is positioned well to assume the superintendent’s seat, which can be a hot one at times.  But, he knows this.  Tuck has been assistant superintendent since 2017, director of pupil personnel and instructional coordinator (middle and high school) since 2015, an assistant principal at BCMS for four years and principal for three at the same school. He also has a reputation as someone who likes to get into the weeds with data and statistical analysis related to that data as a way to aid the decision-making process and produce good outcomes for students.  For Tuck, preparations is key.  Also, did we mention that he has several years of coaching experience in the district covering three different sports?  Notably, Tuck served as head football coach at Butler County High School from 2001-09.  

We say all that to say this - Robert Tuck’s experience in education is diverse and that’s an important factor to consider.  One disturbing trend in education is that too many leaders lack this type of experience.  They advance too quickly, with too little classroom experience, and sometimes with little to no involvement in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that, when done correctly, are so important to creating a well-rounded school district.  

Robert Tuck will be taking over for Mr. Scott Howard, who has been at the helm for a dozen years and led the district admirably through some difficult times.  We expect Mr. Tuck to do the same. Challenges will come and go but we believe Mr. Tuck is prepared to meet those challenges and lead the school district forward. 


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