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Earth Day and Everyday

Pam Willis, Amanda Arnold, Karen Evans, Cynthia Fields, and Charlie Singleton. Not pictured, Rick Burbridge, photographer.

Morgantown, Kentucky (April 20, 2017)  Farmers and Ranchers are stewards of the Earth.  This is the theme of the 2017 Earth Day that will be celebrated on April 22nd. 

“Farmers and Ranchers work very hard each day to produce food and fiber for all citizens,” according to Karen Evans, Program Technician of the Butler County Farm Service Agency.

There are over 3.2  Million Farmers and Ranchers nationwide and 23 Million acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program nationwide with 7,122.2 acres locally in the program.

In observance of Earth Day 2017, a Chestnut Oak tree was planted by Rick Burbridge of the Natural Resources and Conservation Service, Amanda Arnold of the Butler County Soil Conservation District, and Pam Willis, Cynthia Fields, Karen Evans, and Charlie Singleton of the Butler County Farm Service Agency at the Charles Black City Park.  This tree will generate oxygen and serve as a symbol of our stewardship for the land.



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