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Dr. Wan tapped as Economic Ambassador for county

Butler County Judge Executive David Fields and Dr. Richard Wan

Dr. Richard T.C. Wan was appointed by the Butler County Fiscal Court as an Economic Development Ambassador during the January meeting.  On Thursday, Dr. Wan was sworn in by Butler County Judge-Executive David Fields at a reception in his honor at the Butler County Extension Office.

Chamber President James Runion
Morgantown-Butler County Chamber President James Runion welcomed everyone and spoke about Dr. Wan’s service to the county.
“Dr. Wan has served this county for the last 48 years, and now wants to continue,” said Runion.

Greg Drake
Butler County Extension Agent Greg Drake, representing the Entrepreneur Committee, gave a brief Power-Point presentation highlighting his recent trip to China.  He first expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Wan for taking care of his family, stitching up his Dad and treating his grandparents.
According to Drake, China has 1.35 billion people, the largest military in the world, is the number one importer and exporter in the world, and has the second largest land area and economy. 
“China is important to the world’s economy and any connections for Butler County will be beneficial,” added Drake.  

Ronald Givens, Dr. Wan, and Mayor Billy Phelps
Next, Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps and Councilman Ronald Givens presented Dr. Wan with a certificate from the city.  Mayor Phelps thanked Dr. Wan for his service to the people of Morgantown. 
“I have to say thank you because Dr. Wan delivered my wife,” said Phelps.
Judge David Fields administered an oath officially appointing Dr. Wan as an Economic Ambassador
“Dr. Wan wanted to give something back to the county and is interested in trying to recruit small, tech-based businesses to the county. His ties to China and contacts in Asia could help achieve that goal,” said Fields.

Dr. Wan gave the following remarks:
“I really appreciate the great honor you have accorded me by naming me Butler County’s Economic Development Ambassador.  I took forward to working with the city and county officials and bringing more industry to this place I love to call home.”
“When I think of this county I see great potential.  We are close to the bustling Natcher Parkway and near a fine airport in Bowling Green. We have a fantastic corps of workers and one of the finest school systems, from elementary to high school; plus we already possess an industrial park waiting for more developments and a business climate other areas would envy.”
“I am no stranger to Morgantown and Butler County.  My many years as a doctor allowed me to establish a clinic, become affiliated with sports at the schools, provide scholarships to deserving students, be on the local Health Department Board, provide Christmas presents for needy Head Start pupils, and work with the wonderful Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center.”
“It has been a joy for me to be of service to this region and I plan to work to the best of my ability to maintain your vote and confidence.” 
“I am originally from China and I speak fluent Chinese.  I can communicate with these people and I understand their interests in moving in this direction.  We can benefit from this interest in Butler County and I intend to help us rise to a new pinnacle of industrial power here at home.”
“Thank you and God Bless.”

Superintendent Scott Howard

Butler County Schools’ Superintendent Scott Howard also spoke, thanking Dr. Wan for all his support to the school system and the sports programs over years. 
“My Mom worked for Dr. Wan and I grew up in his clinic.  He delivered my brother and paid my Mom for that day,” said Howard.

Dr. Wan and Vonda Jennings
Howard then introduced Curriculum Coordinator Vonda Jennings, who spoke about going through the Confucius Institute to obtain a Chinese teacher for the school district.  Jennings said that the benefits are not just in learning the language but in students “being introduced to that environment . . . the culture piece is bigger than the language piece.”
“The schools are excited about this opportunity and Dr. Wan has already offered to assist with housing and transportation needs for the teacher,” said Jennings.
James Runion gave the closing remarks and refreshments were served.


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