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Dr. Ghayth Hammad: "Better Days Are Ahead"

Dr. Ghayth Hammad

Normally during this time of year people are looking forward to spring and daylight savings time. Seasonal depression may have crept in, but we know that better days are ahead as spring is near. This year has been quite different. With COVID-19 emerging in the USA people are staying indoors more to avoid exposure. With the restrictions of "social distancing" people may still feel the effects seasonal depression can have. Depression can be hard to discuss with anyone due to people feeling that a stigma is attached to the diagnosis.  Seeking medical care can make a huge difference in daily living when feeling overwhelmed in depression's shadow. If you are concerned about having depression look at the standard screening below. If you are scoring high on the screening let us help lift the burden depression gives. We are happy to announce that our office is providing telehealth to our community. Schedule an appointment today 270-526-9652.

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