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Donation dumping disrupts Morgantown Mission

Many people in the Butler County community donate new and used items to the Morgantown Mission, however some would-be donations left after-hours have Mission employees cleaning up the mess. The items left are not useable according to Garry McKinney, director of the Mission, and the Mission is having to clean up the mess at their own expense.

The Mission only accepts donations during regular business hours; please see a Mission employee beforehand.



The Mission does amazing work. they don't have the time or resources to clean up garbage dumped on them.
A surveillance camera should take care of that! Then, the "dumper" should be required to clean up the mess and dispose of it properly. The Morgantown Mission does a lot of good -please treat them with respect.
The mission has folks that are doing community service thru them, that sounds like a great job for those folks to do. Maybe would make them think a little more than sweeping floors. Just saying. Maybe they could have an area for free take what you want items, one missions trash is another persons treasure!

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