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Don Locke: Looking Through Bifocals

I don't know how far this horse will carry me, I may--before "kindest regards"--go in a different direction. I'm going with it anyway.

A thought along that line just occurred to me. (true story): An old-time country preacher I knew growing up, loved to fox and coon hunt. One Saturday night he stayed out too late; he hadn't been into his sermon very long when he closed his Bible and sat down. A couple of the deacons rushed forward with the excited question, "Preacher are you all-right?"

"I'm fine," he said, "I just ran out of SOAP."

We're told when sometime back the terrible tsunami, with a thirty-foot wall of water, hit the Japanese island of Honshu, the water rushed inland for six miles. Fifteen thousand were killed, thousands are still missing.

"Act of God." That's what insurance companies and half of the misguided world calls it.

In other words, God's got all these buttons and levers He pushes and pulls when He wants to do UGLY things to the human race. "I think I'll pull this great big lever today, and kill a bunch of people, including women and children in Honshu, Japan." How does that make any sense, when we are told almost continually in the Bible that "God is love?" How can this God of love press a button and wipe-out a bunch of people He says He loves; "this God of love my shepherd is?"

This is like a man declaring how much he loves his wife, yet most of the time she goes around with two black eyes and a fat lip . . . where he has punched and slapped her around. This ole dog simply won't hunt.

Jesus (God incarnate), on one occasion instructed His disciples, "Suffer (let) the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto ME" (Matthew 19:14). They were trying to shew the children out of the way. Jesus chided them for it. Is this a God who sounds like he wants to kill children? I'm afraid some folks just repeat what they've heard other people say, with no thought of whether it has logic or not. That's plum' dangerous. We live in a fallen world of the Devil's making. Some day God's going to come and take us out of it . . . the redeemed, that is.

"Experts" tell us that this tsunami moved the island of Honshu eight feet to the East, and knocked the earth's axis off seven degrees. I suppose they could take pictures from outer space and tell about Honshu moving. But how do they know about knocking the earth seven degrees off its axis? If this is true, it's going to discombobulate a bunch of stuff. For starters, all air navigation charts will need revising. A magnetic compass always points to magnetic north, not true north. They are separated by 17 degrees. This separation is called variation. It is noted on navigation charts by vertical lines of variation called isogonic lines; each line is noted by a number and an east or west designation. If you are flying closest to a 5 degree west line, you add 5 degrees to your compass heading. If you are operating in the range of a 5 degree east line, you subtract 5 degrees from your compass heading. East is least, and west is best: a rule of thumb in air navigation. WILL ALL THIS BE MESSED-UP?

Too, how will this affect this silly notion of global warming? . . . which has no truth in fact--and has politics at the bottom of it. You can take that to the bank.

Well, I didn't need to change horses in midstream. You get awfully wet doin' this. I HAD ENOUGH SOAP.

Kindest regards . . .


how will this affect this silly notion of global warming? . . . which has no truth in fact.............. Don this time i think you are a bubble off. Kindest regards . .,The Cuz.

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