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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

It’s remarkable how Liberal Idealists fawn over low-lifers like Castro of  Cuba, or Muammar Qadhafi of Libya…some have said Hitler was an alright guy---just misunderstood.  Tell that to 80 million murdered Jews.
    When the planes flew into the towers in New York piloted by a bunch of terrorists, one liberal lunatic said, “They have their side too.”  Yeah, their side is to “kill you if you get in my way”.
    Barbara Walters went to Libya sometime back to interview Qadhafi.  She embraced him with open arms (It was sickening.).  You’d have thought she was going to try to marry him.
    Bernard Goldberg, fired from CBS News because he got fed up with the liberals…and said as much, described the occasion when Fidel Castro visited ABC News headquarters in New York.   Goldberg said he thought at one point Dan Rather was going to kiss him (Castro).
    Idealists?New Age Thinkers:  “Good and evil are what each individual decides what he/she wants it to be…”values are relative”.   This is “avant garde”…new or fashionable---any other thinking is old fashioned.
    An idealist would say, “I’m not a homosexual, but I think that’s OK if that’s what you want to do.”  Or, “I’m not a devil-worshipers, but I see nothing wrong with it if that’s your thing.”
    Let’s go back a few years:  I suppose some of the avant garde say that in 1958 when Castro took over Cuba, what he did was ok.  He lined up everybody whom he suspected was against him in some way and shot them.  It was on national television several days.  Not a pretty sight…I guess he had his side too.
    About an off-the-wall cult, I heard a liberal say, “I think they have such an attractive religion.”  I was just a kid, but I knew that was a bunch of road apples.  Bowing down to a rock or tree or to the sun may be attractive, but it won’t keep you out of Hell…or even help you live well here.  Liberal idealists say,  “All religions are good.”  Is that right?  The followers of the false god, Molech in the Bible, threw their own children into the fire to appease him.
    We have a better Savior, Jesus Christ.  He “came in the flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, full of grace and truth.  “(John 1:14).  In the Greek the word dwell literally means TO PITCH A TENT.  He pitched His tent among us.  And best of all He paid for our sins.

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Well said!
Don Locke for President!

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