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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

I’m just bustin’ to tell you more isses’ and ats’ --- I hear more good stuff … what’s good stuff if you can’t share it?
--- Some I’m sure of my era where required to memorize poetry in school.  Back then we saw through a glass darkly.  We may have thought it was a ponderous waste of time … “What good is it … how will I ever use it.”  I heard a good definition of poetry: “Poetry enables us to use words as charms to evoke life and colors and smells; a sense of joy and awe, of compassion and well-being.”
--- I’d like to say a word about shaved heads, but I can’t think of one favorable.
--- It’s said the bored and impatient are restless and hateful of their existence, therefore they want change.  Change can be worse than no change.  Much worse.  For instance, the change from childhood to adulthood brings on a whole hatful of changes, not the least of which is the total responsibility of one’s actions.  Past eighteen, you pay an adult price.  I think I’ve shared this before, but it fits so well here.  When our grand-niece graduated high school, she took a summer job as a cashier at a fast-food store.  The first day of work she went home and asked her mother, “You mean they expect me to stand there eight hours all day and do that?”  Her mother said, “Honey, welcome to the real world.”
--- It’s said, “There is a mimic that lives in all of us whose job it is to hide our true selves from the world, by pushing masks out onto our faces and sneaking others’ gestures into our hands.”  Perhaps we know a person better when we see him hit his thumb with a hammer, or when he fails at something … or leaves a warm bed in a cold room.  Makes me a little grouchy.
--- How long has man been going aloft?  Recently I read where men in China were going aloft on giant kites three thousand years B.C.  Would this be called flying or kiting?
--- Show me a man with dyed hair and I’ll show you a bottle of liquid shoe polish, or a muddy pond nearby.
--- As we grow older we tend to lose some of our inhibitions.  A friend of mine encountered a squalling, bratty child.  His mother was pushing him in a grocery cart; she had denied him something and he was throwing a duck-fit.  My friend got down, looked the little rascal square in the eyes and said, “Now, your mother has said you can’t have that.  Hush that fit-throwing and squalling … I MEAN RIGHT NOW, AND NOT MAYBE.”  The brat did.  Neither the mother nor the child had ever seen my friend before.
--- We depend on the people in Washington to steer our ship of state, to keep it on course.  But how many of those people we depend on know enough history to know that when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS HE DID WAS CONFISCATE ALL THE PEOPLE’S GUNS?
Sad to say, too many of the people we send to Washington, including presidents, know next to nothing about world history.  It’s very plain our current president knows little or nothing about the history of the Jews … God gave the Jews all the land from the Jordan River west to the Mediterranean Sea; south to Mount Sanai --- to the tip of the Sanai Peninsula; north to the Lebanon border.  This was God’s covenant to Abraham, and you don’t mess with God’s promises … or The Lone Ranger.
I’ve said this before, as much as I thought of George Bush (G. W.), he didn’t understand this … he wanted a peace treaty between the Jews and that bunch of squatters on the West Bank, calling themselves Palestinians.  President Harry Truman knew this.  Harry had more knowledge of world history than any president of my time.  If you want to know what’s going on in the world today, read the history of the Jews.
Man, I’ve got to cut a chogie.  I’ve stayed too long at the fair now.
Kindest regards …


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