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Don Locke: Lookin thru the bifocals

Cows and things.

I’ll bet you didn’t know a cow had no upper teeth.  She/he didn’t see a dentist, she was born that way.

Friends of ours’ very small boy asked, “Do all black cows have chocolate milk in him tail?”

A cow has four stomachs.  The rumen, reticulum, omasum, and the abomasum. 

I love the book of Job.  Somewhere I read or heard of a book or movie: Not As A Stranger.  It’s from Job.  “When I meet my master face to face, it will be, not as a stranger, but as a friend.  Wonderful!

Thinking of becoming a Buddhist?  History tells us, Buddha rode off one day on the back of a donkey and was never heard from again.  You do the wisdom.  

When I was seven or eight, mother and I visited relatives in Akron, Ohio.  We saw the large hangar where blimps were built.  It was so big; it was said sometimes is clouded up and rained inside.  When some old farmer first saw it, his comment was, “That thing would surely hold a lot of loose hay!”

A mare will return to estrus (heat), 9 days after a colt is born.

We have a cat.  You don’t own a cat, you FEED a cat.  Enough said.

I’ll bet you needed to know a standard gas welding rod is taller than a 55-gallon drum.  Maybe not!

The largest grass is bamboo. 

A legume (clover) starts making its own nitrogen 6 days after it comes up. 

A horse can only breath through its nose.  It does have a larger cecum (blind gut) than normal.  That’s why it can digest large amounts of grass and hay.


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