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Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

Little things in history you may not find in a textbook. I may have shared some before. -Adolf Hitler had a problem with stomach gas. Maybe that’s why he had no close friends. 

-In World War II, Japaneese suicide pilots left hair and finger nail clippings before the last mission, to be sent to their folks. The U.S. Navy lost 15,000 sailors to sucide pilot during WWII.

-One U.S navy captain in WWII wore a full blooded American Indian. He commanded a destroyer escort. It was said his small ship was equal to a U.S battleship: “ He was tough as nails.”

-Wife General (late president) Eisenhower (mamie) would not fly. She went everywhere by train. When General Eisenhower later became citizen Eisenhower, he wore his belt buckle to one side… not in the middle.

- When Abe Linicoln was a defense lawyer, he always went with what was right. This did not always agree with the law. Once defending a battered -wife, things were not going good- she had shot her husband. It was almost certain the woman would be found guilty. During the trial his client complained she was hot and thirsty. Abe called for a short recess to “confer with his client” they went to a private room. Abe told her: “ they tell me the weather is cool in Jenisee, and they have good, cold, fresh water.” Abe went over and raised a window, left the room, and closed the door. End of story.


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