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Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

Southern Style chicken and dumplings in Canada … well sort of- a friend of mine on his way to Alaska, spied a country- style restaurant in a Canadian small town- it advertised southern style chicken and dumplings.

“Surely not”, he thought as he pulled in.

“What do Canadians know about southern -style chicken and dumplings?” he thought.

“As much as a hog does about a side saddle, I guess.”

Anyways he ordered chicken and dumplings the order came, it consisted of two small, canned biscuits with chicken soup poured over them. After the “main course”, my friend ordered a piece of “pi.” He had to take the waitress over and point out the pie in the pie case. She did not comprehend “pi”. Anyways he finished; complimented her service… and left her a nice tip. My friend learned a new way of fixing chicken and dumplings.


God Bless, and Kindest regards…


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