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Don Locke; Lookin Thru Bifocals

Things that come to mind at 87: May I share. Old sayings:

Grinning like a possum chewing gum

Be still, you are like a worm in hot ashes! (my mother)

Sign in auto repair shop: “labor $20 per hour.” You help- “$25 per hour.”

Height of conceit said the flea to the elephant: “Now that we’re rooming together, we must be careful where we step.”

My mother’s cousin- “I can see better if I drive in the middle of the road.”

Our daughters’ friend was riding with a stranger. She kept her hand on her mace gun. It went off in her pocket.

My daddy told of an old neighbor fellow who had the habit of showing up at mealtime at their house. He liked to talk a lot. When they came to refill his coffee cup, he would be discoursing on something; he would look back at his empty cup and declare, “make just a swallow or two.” He would continue talking until they would run the cup over. Then he would holler, “Thar; Thar!” This went on for several refills. I will say thar; thar! And bid you.


Kindest Regards…


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