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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

A word or two on this and that.

As we come to the Christmas season, let me be careful we do not leave Jesus in a shoe box up in the attic. A small lad was asked if he knew where Jesus lived.

“Sure” he said. “He lives in a shoe box up in my attic. We bring him down every Christmas and put him under the Christmas tree. When Christmas is over, he goes back to the shoe box until next year...”

“Train up a chit in the way he shouldn’t go.”

We get the word Christmas from the catholic faith- simply meaning Christmas. The catholic celebrate Christ ‘s birthday with a special mass. The words finally grew together and were adopted by the other Christmas faiths. What should be the most glorious time of the year, the birth of our savior and lord, for some can be the saddest- but you knew that.

My sister died in December 1948, on my mother’s birthday. She was twenty-three. However, God can bring joy out of death, the “peace that passes understanding.” My parents hunt never went away. However, God gave them the very next day their first grandchild; a baby girl named Cyndy. This became the new light of their lives that helped fill the sadness. God can always bring goodness out of badness, Cyndy is now in her early seventies; a retired schoolteacher with ‘grans and great grands of her own.

God Bless…

Kindest Regards…


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