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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

But for the lack of a button:

I may have shared this sometime in the past, if so, I’d like to hear it again. Maybe you would too.

Nathan and Peral Aliues lived on the Nebo- new cypress road back of us less than a mile. Their kids went to new cypress school. Came by foot each day. Starting with the oldest, Elzie, there were Henry Daniele (H.D), Coleen, Carl, and Shadis- the youngest, Carl could play the guitar and sing. One day Henry kept falling asleep in class. Miss Flossie Stovall, the teacher, had to wake H.D. several times,

“Henry Daniele, what is the matter, what’s made you so sleepy-headed?”

“Well, pap don’t have no button on his long underwear- the flap in back is wide open.”

“What’s that got to do with it?” Miss Flossie wanted to know

“Well,” Henry answered. “Pap thought he heard a mouse in the henhouse up in the night. He got his shotgun; he just pulled his boots on with his underwear. He went out the back door- I followed with a lantern. Old Rover, our dog came from under the back porch and followed me. Rover was a nosey old dog- had to know everything going on. When we got there, pap told me to go in first and shine the right around, he followed me- bending over, shinning the light around…both barrels cocked on the shotgun.”

“I guess pap got to bending over-too far-trying to see, bout that time, ROVER COLD- NOSED-PAP…”

“We cleaned chicken the rest of the night!”

Kindest Regards…


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