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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

I read once that a man is never taller, than when he stops to help a child.

Major League baseball player, Jim Thome, was showing small kids the art of hitting: “when you get up to hit, knock the dirt off your cleats-everybody does it where needed or not, don’t spit, get into position, and try to look real mean.”

Major Leaguers make bloopers, I saw a player try to catch an infield fly. He got his hand on it; it squinted – out and hit the ground, he picked it up and played fumble- fingers a while and dropped it again. Finally, he hailed-off and hiked it, it may still be going somewhere.

Once I saw a pitcher try to “walk” a batter. The catcher moved out to catch the ball. The pitcher threw the ball all four times. He misses the catcher Four times! The hitter ran on a passed ball.

Ill stop with not-a-blooper; when country music artist Charlie Pride, played Sunday-baseball. He hid his glove a way from the house and picked it up going to the game. His daddy was a Baptist Deacon, and approved Sunday ball.

Kindest Regards…


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