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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

A little of this, that, and the other:

Someone said: Our thoughts are really the only things we’ll ever own.

With your okay, here are a few of mine: My mother tried to almost a hundred. My daddy died at 75, since I have 50% back of their genes, I sometimes wonder about mt own demise at 86. Until my time to depart, whenever; may my thoughts be such as these: “Let me finish what I have been permitted to begin. Let me give all without any assurance of wealth or reward,” (Dag Hammarskjold – former secretary of the U.N.)

            Dag H. once said, “The pride of the cups is in the drink; it’s humidity in the serving. What then do the defect matter?”

            Author Ernest Hemmingway once said, “The best glass of tea I ever had was inside the tent of an old Bedouin sheep herdsman, in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

            “The glass itself was not shiny-clean. But there was pride and humidity in the serving – as well as friendship and comradeship. What then did any defect in the glass matter?”

            This brings to remembrance the story in the Bible, when Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha in their home… Jesus’ friends.

Martha was all a flutter, seeing this was correct; that was correct – the best cups were used for refreshment, and soon.

            All the while Mary visited and enjoyed the master – what an opportunity and blessing for both sisters, yet Martha missed the blessing, for fear things weren’t going just right. Martha had not yet learned that, “the pride of the cup is in the drink – its humidity in the serving, what then do the best cups matter?”

            Let’s hear it for old men. Writer, T.S. Elliot, said, “Old men ought to be explorers, but few succeed in opening up new lands.”

            Some years back I read of an old man who did just that, at 92 he acquired a struggling California, weekly, newspaper; of which he became publisher, editor, typesetter, printer, and the wonder of wonders, delivery boy.

            ‘Nor did the old guy ride a bicycle. His readers lured over a vast rural area of California.

            It was not known how much flying experience he had, but he bought a small airplane, one he could fly low and slow, in order to throw out his tied-up papers at his customers’ house. The F.A.A. (Federal Administration of Aviation) people to try to ground him. The feds did not like what he was doing. They sent check pilots and mechanical people to test him. He passed all testes with flying colors. Finally, they threatened to lift his flying license. He took the F.A.A. to count and won.

Kindest regards…


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