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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

Chances are you may have seen the TV rerun of The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, (a date that will live in infamy), according to, then, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.  

Also some may remember the name, Mitsuo Fuchida Japanese Lieutenant Commander.  Commander Fuchida led the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, destroying a great part of our U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet, plus over 2,000 U.S. Navy personnel killed and many wounded… taking the U.S into World War II.

When the war was over, like many of his fellow Japanese officers, Fuchida, dejected and down-hearted over his country’s loss of the war, retired in seclusion to his small farm outside of Tokyo, suffering from, “loss of face,” a strong oriental thing.  

Then God stepped in.  One day after he began to venture out some, he came off one of the few subway trains left in Tokyo, only to be handed a trac by a Christian Missionary, introducing him to salvation through Jesus Christ, the good news of the gospel, and how to receive this good news.  

Mitsuo felt a yearning to find out more about this Jesus, “who came to seek and to save that which was lost”.  Certainly Mitsuo felt low of spirit and lost.  He got in touch with a local Tokyo Gospel Group, and not only was gloriously converted to Christianity, he later felt the call to preach the Gospel.  

For several years he pastored a local Christian church in Tokyo.  Also he traveled around the world doing evangelistic work, organizing Christian churches.  He has made several guest appearances on Christian broadcasts on American TV, over the years.  

I’m not sure Mitsuo is still with us.  I did see on TV one of the visits he made in the past to the U.S.S Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  

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