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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

At the risk of sounding like an organ recital--goodness forbid.  Although I need to take a bit of morning medication, our grey-stripy cat, Lilly Bell, is asleep in my lap; I am reluctant to disturb her.

Presently she is laying on her back with her front legs outstretched; her tummy and throat exposed, a sure sign of complete trust.  Putting the medication on hold in the meantime, trust won’t kill me.

Lilly Bell is somewhat spoiled; we love her anyway.  Strange how we can overlook faults in our pets—but not in some people.  Maybe we all need to work on that; I do.

I seen an ad on TV regarding urinary catheters.  The ad says they are “almost painless.”  Now then, that depends on how you define the word, ALMOST… a rather ambiguous term.  Why?...  Been there, done that.

I see the kids next door have a large tent in their backyard the last day or two.  Kids love tents.  I recall as a kid there was a Gypsy family living in a tent on the side of the road outside my hometown of Greenville.

Passing there I remember how neat it would be to live in a tent like the children I saw playing around it. 

Of course I thought with a child’s mind.  I didn’t think about cold weather; having to take a bath, and tending to other bathroom duties…freezing my backside off.

I don’t know if Jesus ever slept in a tent—after he began his ministry, the Bible does say, “He came and dwelt among us…” In the New Testament Greek language translation is says, “He pitched His tents among us.”  This of course could have been a figure of speech.  We do know, “He endured hardships just as we do.”

Some words and phrases drop out of usage over time.  Growing-up we described the person sitting behind the batter in a baseball game as the, HIN-CATCHER.

We went to the picture show (or show). Now its movie.

Polite terms regarding procreation—our cow is about ready to find a calf.

I heard Flossie Jones is lookin’ for a baby.

When a young lady married a man of questionable character: She drove her ducks to a poor pond.

Sometimes we give-up the goof for things which do not measure up.

Brand new cars do not ride as comfortably as our old 1952 Buick did.  And it was second-hand.  It was like riding on a cloud. 

Often we opt for the efficient rather than the good.  I am a little Old Timey:

At our house, we still say supper for the evening meal.  The English Aristocracy called the evening meal “dinner.”  However a late-night snack was designated, supper by the Brits.

Kindest regards…


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