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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

Some different thoughts - not necessarily related;

-Astronomers tell us new moons have been discovered in our solar system recently.  They say the moons are hunting NEPTUNE, the most distant planet from Earth.  Reckon what they'll do if they find it? SHINE ON IT?  Why do we need more moons?  The one we have hasn't worn out yet?  God put it there.

-A box is just a box.  Looks to me like the contents are more important than the box, yet on the TV Antique Roadshow they go on and on about a toy doll or train being in "Its original box".  They say the container makes the item more valuable.  You may recall when Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha.  Martha was all a flutter - seeing that this was right and that was right...the best cups were used for refreshments - the serving table was correct ...and so on.  Yet all the while Mary sat at Jesus feet and enjoyed the Master, talking with him... What a blessing it could have been for both sisters, but Martha missed out, majoring on the wrong things - earthly things while missing Heavenly things. Martha had not learned "the pride of the cup is in the drink, its humility is in the serving."  What then do the cups defects matter?

-Funny how things reappear after time.  They may come out of nowhere.  For me a song did...One year, I was visiting the East wing of the Kentucky State Fair - where the booths and displays are.  I stopped and talked a while with the fellow who sold livestock products - vet vitamins, minerals and medicines, saddles etc.   We got to talking about cowboy music, the pure thing - not a lot of guitar raking, gasping with three chords and a clamp.  "I've asked people about a cowboy song for years - everywhere I go."  He said. "Nobody knows about.  It's called 'The Lilies Grow High." I began singing a line or two of this old gunfighter ballad.  After he got over his shock at somebody knowing the song, he said, "Where in the world did you ever hear this song?" "The sons of the pioneer cut it on an album in about 1948 or 49."  I told him. "It was written by Stan Jones and an Arizona park ranger," I said. "Stan also gave us 'Ghost Riders in the Sky', 'Cheyenne', 'The Searchers', 'Song of the Trail', and 'Cowpoke'.  'The Searchers' was the background song for the movie by the same name starring John Wayne and Natalie Wood.  Stan Jones was a college graduate with a degree in Biology.

"Boots and Stetson and six guns and the lilies grow high..."

                                                                                          Kindest Regards


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