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Don Locke: Lookin Thru Bifocals

Thoughts on The Human Condition:

It is said one might equate growing up with a mistrust of words; that a mature person trust his eyes more than his ears.

A bruised and battered face of a woman, by man who says he loves her, speaks louder than his words.

In the realm of the of the judicial, sometimes a jury is a swayed by watching the the demeanor of the dependent, then what is said in testimony about him or her.

I'm sure many of us have the same thoughts when we hear a bereavement or some other “key functionary”, drone on an in like a bumble bee in a jar- about this - that -and - the - other. Most of us like think that “he (she) had several good quitting places he didn't take.” Hence the rump numbing continues.

As forwards Eric Hoffer said it best I think: “We need few words when we have something to say - but all the words in all the dictionaries will not suffice when we have nothing to say and want desperately to say it.”

You'll recall that Missouri is known as the “Show Me State”. Former US president Harry Truman could show you he could give a fine rendition of the Missouri Waltz on the piano. Harry was a Missourian born-and-bred.

I read where we tend to hate most people we have never met. As an example, good movie actors can evoke in us both the passions of hate and other times the passions of pleasure or love.

For years I very much dislike both the actors Bruce Dern and Jack Palance. I all but hated Bruce Dern because he shot John Wayne in the back and killed him in the movie The Cowboys. Recently I saw Bruce Dern. That changed my feelings toward him.

After Jack Palance shot down Alicia cook in the movie SHANE, I all BUt hated the side of his ugly face… that is until I learned Jack was burned badly in his B-17 World War II bomber when it crash landed after being shot-up over Germany.

No secret, movies can make us shed tears at times - and other times by bite our nails with fear.

A friend of mine told of being at his local theater on Saturday afternoon when a bunch of bad guys were after Gene Autry - nipping at Gene’s heels.  Low and behold Gene came to a gate. He opened the gate and lead his horse through. Instead of riding on, Gene was fumbling around trying to close the gate behind him. There was a guy down on the front row who had already bitten off most of his nails. So when Gene an was messing with the gate, that was all the old guy could stand. Suddenly jumped up and yelled, “Good Lord Gene, GO ON I’LL GET THE GATE!”.

Some philosopher once said “There is something inhuman about perfection.”



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