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Don Locke: Lookin’ Thru Bifocals

Things and Stuff: 

I talk a lot about getting old. That’s because I am.  If you are old, you have lived in the past. It’s that simple. Some years back someone put faith in the idea that “we should not live in the past.” Horse feathers! Common sense tells us if we have lived in the past, we are either old or dead. I prefer old. 

There is a reason the tv program American Pickers on the History Channel is so popular. It's about buying and selling old things. People pay good money for old things. Some fifty odd years ago I bought an old pie safe for three dollars. It's been painted and fixed up, I doubt if five hundred dollars would buy it now.  The same goes for old cars and trucks. Years back we bought a Volkswagen Beetle for eight hundred dollars-in good shape. Have you tried to but one lately? Back yonder I sold a 1957 Chevrolet Station Wagon for one hundred and twenty five dollars. I wish I had it now. 

I remember when neighbors just came over-no invitation needed and none given, in kind. Country music singer Porter Wagoner had a song about company coming. Part of it went “goodness gracious, I’ll allow-they’ll be here any minute now, there’s company coming up the road.” 

I recall when I was about five or six, my mother went by a neighbor’s house (a cousin) with us kids. The cousin was not at home. A chocolate cake was on the kitchen table. Mother cut us kids each a piece. Now days that may not be ok. It was then. It would have been the same at our house. 

“I’m sure cousin Onie would want us to have a piece of her cake,” Mother said. 

And Cousin Onie would have. 

I smell coffee brewin’. I’ve got to quit. 

Always remember to drink upstream of the herd. 


Kindest regards.


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