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Don Locke: Lookin’ Thru’ Bifocals

We must be careful what we take as “gospel” when we read something, or hear something told for the truth.
In his book, HUMAN PROBLEMS, Marston Bates writes that Ham, the eldest son of Noah, had homosexual relations with his father when Noah got drunk.
It’s true that after the FLOOD, Noah planted a vineyard, got to sipping to much of his own wine and became drunk. “…then he (Noah) drank of the wine and was drunk, and became uncovered in his tent.” (Gen. 9:21)
Marston Bates did not know the true account- maybe because he himself is an atheist; or was. I believe he’s dead.
The eldest son, Ham, never even entered his father, Noah’s, tent. Instead he instructed Shem and Japeth, the two younger brothers, to go in and cover their father’s naked mess. (Gen. 9:22-23) That’s a long way from homosexuality. The Bible won’t tell you wrong. A fellow told me one time that, “on the Day of Pentecost, all the Christians and Apostles get drunk on wine!”
“You better re-read that.” I told him. It explained only the mockers and nay-sayers looking on said “They were full of new wine.” “But Peter stood and told them. ‘Heed my voice; these men (and women) are NOT drunk. It’s only my third hour (9AM)” “They are speaking the wonderful words of God in their own language.” Peter further told them. “This was also spoken by the Prophet Joel, (in the old Testament). God said ‘it will pour out my spirit on all flesh.” (Acts 2;1-21) (Joel 2;28-29)
This man, who told me this, was badly informed. He went to Sunday school and Church. He didn’t listen well, or was taught poorly, or like some people who seem to enjoy seeing Christians doing wrong, it makes them feel less guilty I suppose.
Then there are those who love to repeat bizarre tales: A guy told me one time that a woman at a local hospital gave birth to an 8lb. frog. He was as serious as a heart attack.
The man was an uneducated man. But by the stars that shine above us, it doesn’t take a genius to know this is impossible… just common reason.
The Bible says, “Come now, let us REASON together.”
The Greek philosopher, EPICTETUS, said, “It is a shame that one who sweetens his drink with the gift of the bee should embitter God’s gift of REASON with voice.”
Kindest regards…


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