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Delta Plastics to get up to $400K in tax credits to expand facility

A Morgantown plant is set to receive $400,000 in tax credits to help expand its facility.  The announcement was made today by State Representative C.B. Embry, R-Morgantown (17th District) that Delta Plastics Company has received approval for up to $400,000 in tax credits from the Cabinet for Economic Development toward the expansion of their Morgantown facility.

“This is great news for the people of Butler and surrounding counties because this expansion will more than likely equate to new jobs and new opportunities for our region,” said Rep. Embry.  “I am appreciative of the Cabinet for Economic Development for approving this request.”

In a letter to Rep. Embry notifying him of the project’s approval, Cabinet for Economic Development Secretary Larry Hayes cited Rep. Embry’s efforts in helping Delta Plastics Company secure the funding for its expansion.

“Your recent letter of support for this project was helpful in outlining the potential local impact of a project like this one and will be beneficial as we continue to work with Delta Morgantown Plastics Company to bring this project to fruition,” Secretary Hayes wrote. “We appreciate your support of this expansion project, as well as your continued support of our efforts to stimulate economic growth in Kentucky.”

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave the OK for the tax credits through the KBI program on September 27th.


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