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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis.  Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record.  The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover July 25- August 8
Civil Cases:
Discover Bank vs. Laura F Johnson
The Medical Center vs. Kenneth Wayne Cole
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance vs.  Richard E Childers
Morgantown Bank & Trust Company vs. Chapel Union Missionary Baptist Church

Family Court:
Christal Ladawn Sorrels vs. Louis Alexander Conra
Jeffery Dale JR Montgomery vs. Amanda Suzanna Montgomery
Ruth Elena Coots vs. Victor Nathaniel Coots
Edward Casey Fowler vs.  Roni Lashelle Fowler
Mary Carol Whitaker vs. Jonathon Scott Whitaker
Tammy Phelps vs.  Brittany Shea Clark
Eugenia Reed vs. Philip Reed
Barbara M Casteel vs.  Chelsea Fields
Stephen Oliver vs.  Carol Jean Oliver

Marriage Licenses:
Jaren Makenzie Durbin, 16 and Erin Leighan Vincent, 34 both of Roundhill
Austin Keith Embry, 24 of Caneyville and Amber Nicole Ray, 21 of Morgantown
Jonathan Travis Embry, 24 and Lindsey Rochelle Phelps, 23 both of Morgantown
Steven Michael Frommel, 44 and Jennifer Lynn Flener, 36 both of Morgantown
Barry John Hunter, 42 and Crystal Angela Shaw, 41 both of Morgantown
Michael Prentuth Lacy, 23 of St. McHenry and Kerstyn Michelle Joynt, 18 of Hartford
Kevin Lavoy Logan, 33 and Shannon Marie Logan, 38 both of Morgantown
Tyjuan Montrell Manning, 25 of Russellville and Ashley Nicole Baker, 29 of Morgantown
Kenny Wallace McCoy, 37 and Mykel Elizabeth McKinney, 25 both of Morgantown 
Charles Richard Wood, 48 and Felicia Kathryn Gary, 47 both of Morgantown

James Andrew Adams and Sherry Adams to Chad Johnson, property on or near Cane Ridge Road, $192,000
Bob, Lanny, Melanie, Roger, Viola Blunk, Barbara and Robert Daugherty to Barbra and Robert Daugherty, property in Butler County, love and affection
Karen Lee Bridges, Karen Lee Gardner, Sheila Kay Gardner, Sheila Kay Hulbig to Karen Lee Bridges, and Shelia Kay Hulbig, property on or near Blaine Road, Love and affection
Betty Brown, Ronnie V Brown to Darrell Wayne McPherson, property on or near Mud Creek, $107,000
Agustin M Bruguera, Augustin, Robert A and Lucila A Bruguera to Agustin, Augstin, and Lucila Bruguera, property in Butler County, love and affection
Augustin Brugera and Agustin M Brugera to B & L Ranchers, property in Butler County, $142,050
Allen Cardwell to Faye and Joy Cardwell, property on or near Rochester, $7,000
Faye Cardwell and Joy Cardwell to Kathy M Boord, property in Butler County, $111,000
Janiel Cardwell, Janiel Robert Cardwell, Mary J Cardwell, County of Butler Kentucky, Cliffe C Willoughby to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, property in Butler County
Melissa Childress, Russell Childress, and Melissa Norris to Robert and Sandra Householder, property on or near Hickory Stand School Road, $152,000
Kimberly and Robert Cunningham to Darrell McPherson, property Mud Creek, $107,000
Phyllis and Robert Drake to Anetta Cole, property on or near Muddy Creek, $330,000
Glenda Embry to Candy and William Overton, property on or near Stephns Chapel Road, $32,000
Fayetta Hall and the Fayetta C Hall Revocable Living Trust to Ashley and Stephen Ray, property on or near Little Ready Creek, $9,990
Charles Douglas House and Ovie House to Sandra Tichenor, property on or near Woodlan Drive, $165,000
Mary B Hunt to Andrew Jackson III Woosley, property on or near Lee Decker Road, Love and affection
Mary B Hunt to Andrew Jackson III Woosley, property in Butler County, love and affection
Mary B Hunt to Andrew Jackson III Woosley, property on or near Jetson Lee Road, love and affection
Mary B Hunt to Andrew Jackson III Woosley, property on or near Highway 411, love and affection
Alvin Wayne Jones and Phyllis Jones to Walton JR Hines, property on or near Woodbury, $30,000
Morgantown Bank and Trust Company to A and P Properties of Kentucky, property on or near Highway 118, $19,000
Carol and Steve Oliver to Chad Johnson, property on or near Belcher Road, $210,000
Bobby and Ilean Parrish to B and L Ranches, property on or near Cool Springs Road, $1,500
Rose, the Johnny, Martha Trust, and the Johnny and Martha Rose Trust to Joshua Milam, property on or near Waverly School Road, $25,000
Secretary of Veterans affairs and United States of America to John and Sarah Payton, property on or near Buckhorn School Road, $38,900
Helen and Joseph Snodgrass to Michael Joseph Snodgrass, property in Butler County, love and affection
Charles Bradley West to Kimberly Ann West, property in Butler County
Brice and Donna Wilson to Anthony and Theresa Wilson, property in Butler County, $50,000
Deborah Carmen and Roger Dale Worley to Tate Farms, property in Butler County, $290,000
Debora and Kenneth Young to Keith and Penni Lee, property on or near Highway 79,$17,000

Affidavit of Descents:
Mark Allen Taulbee
Beulah Mae Fishburn
Myrtle Hardcastle


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