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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis.  Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record.  The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover May 22- June 5
Civil Cases:
Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Palma Hudson
Bank of Edmonson County vs. Roger Dale Woodcock
Morgantown Bank & Trust vs. Rita Joyce Hunt
Green Tree Serving vs. Joshua Woodcock

Family Court:  
Kristen N. Brooks vs. Patrick E. Brooks

Marriage Licenses:
Ray Rulo Chapman, 28 of Indiana and Brittney Shea Clark, 25 of Morgantown   
Darrell C. Cook, 70 of Cromwell and Betty Jean White, 72 of Morgantown
Stuart Anderson Cook, 29 and Brandy Nicole Flener, 28 both of Bowling Green
Charles Matthew Hudnall, 23 and Mary Brittany Smith, 18 both of Morgantown
Jordon Kendrick Keown, 30 and Sarah Rebekah Williams, 28 both of Morgantown

Ben, Donna, James Robert, and Jessica Annis to Linda and Steven Staples, property on or near Thomas Street, $56,365
Anthony B. Flener Trust UTD to Betty A. Locke and Donald B. Locke, property in Morgantown, $45,000
David and Rebecca Austin to Christina and Michael Hunt, property on or near Baizetown Road, Love and Affection
Connie M. and Wes Becker to James Robert Annis, property on or near Welch’s Creek Community, $13,500
Pam and Randall Bratcher to Matthew Johnson, property on or near Highway 79, $1.00
Pam Bratcher and Randall Bratcher to Debra and Richard Coleman, property in Butler County, $1,500
Rebecca Cook to Christina and Michael Hunt, property on or near Baizetown Road, love and affection
Carolyn Frances Burden, Bryan, Debra Jane, Gary, Jewell Wayne, Katina, Kristy, Linda, Margie, Neil, Nyla, Pasty, Phillip Glen, Rhonda, Rita, Rita K, Roger, Timmy D, Troy Drake, Danny and Lora Forbes, Beverly E and Donald Jackson, John Karigan, Dennis and Teresa Kinkade, Doug Miller, Penny Tremmel Horst Tremmel,  Connie G and Troy Peveler, Paula Pfieffer, Doyle and Louise Proctor, Keith and Vonda Lou Spiers, Sharon Darlene Taylor, Horst and Penny Tremmel, Phyllis Diane Vincent, Angie and Darrell West to Mainspring LLC, property near or on Silver City Rd, $123,000
Federal Housing Commissioner to Matthew Johnson, property in Butler County, $23,000
Lisa Embry and Lisa Hinton to Nisel L and Phillip J Parsons, property on or near Oakhill Drive, $156,000
Anthony B Trust Flener to Betty and Donald Locke, property in Butler County, $45,000
Brandon Joiner to Jennifer Joiner, property on or near Creamery St., property settlement
Geraldine and Geraldine Mae Radovich to Jill Compton, property in Butler County, love and affection
Willodean Renfrow to Vivian and William P Freedle, property on or near Sawmill Rd, $1,000
South Central Bank of Bowling Green Inc to Angelia Michelle and Steven E Collins, property in Butler Co., $100,000
Linda K Southerland to Lynn Southerland, property on or near Tyler St., $1.00
Jennifer Sullivan to Barbara and Paul Keith, property in Butler County, $332,750
The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Matthew Johnson, property in Butler County, $23,000
Darrell Whiteside and Jane Whiteside to Edward L JR Vaught and Edward L SR Vaught, property near or on Grancer Community, $125,000

Affidavit of Descent:
Gene Dewitt Boaz


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