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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover April 30- May 21.
Civil Cases:
William Troy Holman vs. Senora Fulkerson
Summit Medical Center vs. Christopher Henderson
Morgantown Bank & Trust vs. Theresa D. Bell
Morgantown Bank & Trust vs. Deborah M. Combs
Richard T.C. Wan vs. Brad Smart
Tidewater Motor Credit vs. Ronnie Cockrell

Family Court:
Christopher Anthony Johnson vs. Amanda Lane Johnson
Shannon Logan vs. Kevin Logan
David Alan McKinney vs. Pamela J. Proctor
Ertest Shain vs. Misty Shain
Tina Turnquist vs. Gary Turnquist
Matthew Leroy Johnson vs. Shanda Renae Johnson
Steven Dockery vs. Rebecca Dockery

Marriage Licenses:
David William Carathers, 32 and Annie Lorene Peay, 45 both of Morgantown
Chad Daniel Gidcumb, 24 of Bowling Green and Telia Louisa Porather, 17 of Morgantown
Kevin James Elbert Johnson, 40 and Jennifer Lynn Richards, 36 both of Morgantown
George E. Reedy, 43 and Tammy Marie Neighbors, 35 both of Morgantown
Thomas Vernon Smith, 36 and Amanda Marie Havens, 34 both of Morgantown

Wilma S. Tuck to Helen and Sam Moore, property in Butler County, $119,331.45
The City of Morgantown to Larry Vincent, property on or near Tyler Street, Alley Ordinance
 The City of Morgantown to CBM Properties Inc., property on or near Tyler Street, Alley Ordinance
Ronnie and Theresa Smith to Harold Phelps, property in Butler County, $35,000
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bobbi J. and Scott W. Dennis, property on or near Hwy 1187, $37,000
Michael O. and Sally R. Rone to Michael O. Rone and Sally R. Rone Joint Revocable Trust, property on or near Hwy 403, establish a trust
Betty and Gary Robbins, Bobby and Wava Pendley, Norman and Beverly Pendley to Jim and Myrl Burden MacDonald, property near Hidden Valley Golf Course, $60,000
Joe A. and Shirley S. Phillips to Susan Hubbs and Gene Phillips, property on or near Hwy 1153, $75,000
Dale L. Phelps to Bradley D. and Mistucka L. Neighbors, property in Butler County, love and affection
Brandy N. Phelps to Maria Reyes Zamora, property on or near Co. Road 1088, , $32,000
Alan Pagoria to William J. Beliles, property in Butler County, $1,500
Jay P. and Michelle L. Ouellette to Michelle L. Ouellette, property on or near Hwy 1153, love and affection
Maranda and Nicholas Oaks to Amanda K. Durham, property on or near Hwy 2713, $78,000
Morequity Inc., to Brenda D. Embry, property in Shady Hills, $81,375
Robert and Miranda Embry Mclintock to Caleb S. and Holly A. Asbridge, property on or near Lumbustown Road, $160,000
Betty A. Donald B. Locke to Brenda Faye and Jerry W. Bluhm, property on or near Shiloh Road, $39,500
Ricky Dale Legrand Jr. to Glen and Juanita Sue Whittinghill, property on or near Tyler Street, $4,500
Patsy and Roger Kirby to Adam D. and Talisha L. Kirby, property in Butler County, $80,000
Bobby and Delores Johnson to Bobby and Delores Johnson, deed to place property in survivorship
Joel’s Construction and Contracting Inc., to Ricky Evans, property on or near Hwy 79, $31,875
Gary and Angie Holmes to Donald L. and Regina M. Gravatte, property in Butler County, $310,000
Kimberly Jane and William Chad Greenwell to Jared and Jonaka Hall, property on or near Jolertown Road, $26,000
Mike, Rebecca, Roger, and Sandra Gill to Mont Webster, property on or near Springtown Road, $5,000
Terry L. Fuqua to Angela and Shirley Flener, property on or near Youngtown Road,$261,000
Jack and Judith Elliott to Charlda A. and Kelly G. Chapman, property on or near Hwy 2267, forgiveness of indebtedness
Joan and Daniel Clary to Anthony T. and Kolbie Johnson, property on or near Hwy 70, $71,000
Cora Mae Cardwell to Avery Flener, property on Bryant Ridge School Road, love and affection
Brixton Rite Aid, LLC to Peter L. Buck, Rite Aid Building, $1,988,000
Peter L. Buck to MTRA, LLC, Rite Aid Building, $1,988,000
Big Bucks, LLC to Jerry and Vicky Baker, property in Butler County, permanent maintenance easement
Ethie Dale Evans Annis to Jennifer Annis Embry and William Caleb Johnson, property in Butler County, love and affection

Affidavit of Issue
Eloise Elliott, Jean Hocker, James E. Rogers


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