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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover March 25- April 15.

Civil Cases:
PNC Bank vs. Defendants of Dorthy Marie Rager
Andrew Neighbors vs. Cody Lockhart
Chad Cathey vs. Ally Bank Corp.

Family Court:
Christopher Todd Porter vs. Pamela Christina Porter
Jeffrey D. Ashby vs. Lori L. Ashby
Dolvetta K. Embry vs. Kimber Embry
Michael L. Robbins vs. Stephanie M. Robbins
Myron Derrell McCoy vs. Anita Lynn McCoy
Emily Turner vs. Billy Brown
Jeffrey Dale Montgomery Jr. vs. Amanda Suzanna Montgomery
Christie D. Bluhm vs. Jason M. Bluhm

Marriage Licenses:
Payton Jamison Tarrence, 22 and Shawna Lashae Pharris, 19 both of Morgantown
Cody Wayne Lamar, 22 of Caneyville and Vivian Dominique Everley, 21 of Morgantown
Rodney C. Martin, 45 and Bonnie Lynn Parrish, 57 both of Roundhill
William Edward Motley, 47 of Morgantown and Joyce Diane Cox, 51 of Caneyville

The Medical Center of Bowling Green, the United States of America, the County of Butler,Rural Development, Rural Housing Service Carolyn L. Neighbors, Dr. J. Todd Douglas MD, Farmers Home Administration, Emergency Room Physicians,Dr. Albert Prerost MD, Anesthesia & Pain Spec of BG, Bowling Green Radiology PSC, and Heritage Radiology of Western Kentucky  to Sedrick and Sharon Phelps, property  on Cherokee Drive, $44,500

Marvin R. and Reba M. West to Chad Johnson, property on or near Hwy 70 Dimple Road, $164,000
James G. and Lora Woodrum to Timothy Hack, property on or near Indian Camp Creek, $192,500
Richard West, Kaylah Clark West, Rhonda K. and Thomas H. Howard III, Dennis, Donnald, and Judy Hunt, Michael Allen and Renee Carol Taig Johnston, Jackie Phelps, James Bentley Phelps, Arzilla, Richard Darrell, Stephen Matthew, Candi, and Gloria Clark to the County of Butler, property on or near Hwy 70 Brownsville Road, for a public road

Gloria Jeneete Cox,  Nihadee Meredith, Kevin Pettit, and Steven Meredith Pettit to Dunaway Timber Company, property on or near Hwy 238, $379,500 duplicate deed recorded in Edmonson and Butler County
Kevin Pettit, Nihadee Meredith, Steven Meredith Pettit, and  Gloria Jenette Cox , to Martha Meredith, deed of exchange to define boundaries
Martha Meredith to Kevin Pettit, Steven Meredith Pettit, and  Gloria Jenette Cox, , deed of exchange to define boundaries
The Mona L. Woosley Trust to Gloria Jenette Cox, Stephen E. Meredith, and Stevie Meredith Pettit, property settlement
Craig and Rebekah Hankins to Kathy and Scott Webster, property on or near Morgantown Reedyville Road, $24,000
Jerald and Linda Hardison to Norman and Samantha J. Chambers, property in Oak Grove Estates, $274,000
Donald and Regina Gravatte to Franklin Family Realty Holdings, LLLP, property on or near KY 1117, $285,000
Darlene and Joffrey Embry to Jean Romans, property on or near Hwy 411, $49,900
James Frank Hammons to Jason B. Hammons, property in Butler County, $1 fair market value $29,000
Mary Miller to Helen Morgan, property on or near Hwy 403, $12,500
Barbara Moore to James McCoy, property on or near Gilstrap/Dexterville Road, $80,000
J C and Martina Cooper to JC, Jimmy, Kathy, and Martina Cooper, property on or near Hwy 79, Love and affection
US Bank National Association to the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on or near Hwy 79, $61,103.05
Kathy Towe, Butler County, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc.,  to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., property on or near Hwy 403, $60,000
Donna Trotter to Boam Holdings, LLC, Michael D. Martin and Regina Martin, property in Butler County, $400,000
Cyndi and Frankie Wayne Burden to Morequity Inc., property in Shady Hills Subdivision, $139,799064 deed in lieu of foreclosure and estoppel affidavit
James S. and Linda Carroll Brannon to Rebecca G. and Chad D. Tyree, property in Bratcher Farm Division, $19,000
Karen D. and Robert N. Adams IV to John M. Jackson Jr., property in Butler County, $52,875
Viola Blunk to Kylia Cheyanne Blunk, property in Butler County, Love and Affection
Jennifer R. Bratcher to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on or near Hwy 79, $61,103.05
Charlda and Kelly Chapman to Melissa Renee Flener Hill, deed for fulfillment of land contract, property on Pine Ridge Street
Chris and Melissa Renee hill to Angela and Jodie McKinney, property on Pine Ridge Street, $25,000
Amanda Joy and Jason Leon Clark to Welches Creek Union General Baptist Church, property on or near Hwy 1328, $4,500
Geraldine R. Lee, Silvia Minton and Thomas W. Summers to Ramona and Terrell House, property on Tyler Street, $15,000
Julie F. and Norman Ray Simpson to Dana L. and Russell Wayne Simpson, property in Reedyville, $120,000
Secretary Housing and Urban Development to Austin Embry and Amber Ray, property near or on Hwy 79, $43,575
Yewell Renfrow to Abigail and Yewell Renfrow and Kortney Sanders, property on or near Hwy 505, love and affection
Yewell Renfrow to Yewell Renfrow and Kortney Sanders, property on or near Old McKendree Chapel Road, love and affection
Colin and Lynnea J. Morgan to Nissa Kaye Courtenay, property on or near Hwy 403, $55,500
Angela and Jonathon Inglis to Sherman Gabe and Stephanie D. Inglis, property on or near Hwy 106, $20,000
Chris McGehee to Angie and Gary Holmes, property on the Hunt Farm Division, $20,328

Affidavit of Descent
Larry Stevan Clark
Oval T. Clark


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