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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover March 4-24.

Civil Cases:
The Medical Center vs. Sherry Dawn Embry
Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance vs. Garvin Hunt

Family Court:
Miranda Elaine Dean vs. Keith E. Dean
Timothy Wayne Embry vs. Holly Deanna Embry
Lucian Dwaine Hudson vs. Leslie Gwen Hudson
Dian Runfola vs. Edgar Runfola
Andrew McKinney vs. Ashlee McKinney
Nicole Alexander vs. Jonathan Ray Alexander
Jason Allen Forsgren vs. Diana Vee Forsgren

Marriage Licenses:
Sara Leann Yeagley, 19, and Brian Lane Smith, 20 both Colorado
Heather Jo Flener, 22 and Robert Justin French, 22 both Beaver Dam
Vickie Dolores Miller, 55 of Louisville and Stephen Michael Kidder, 58 of Morgantown
Brandy Mechelle Payne, 30 and Joshua Aaron Dockery, 37 both of Morgantown

Betty and James Baxter to Eugene Thorpe, property on or near Hwy 340, $188,500
Wilma Tuck to Sam and Helen Moore, property on or near Hwy 403, $220,000
Mary Alice Black to Jan and Michael Embry, property on or near Sunset Loop, $31,142.96
Cody and Deneatra Henderson to Paula Hood, property on or near County Road 1355, $67,200
Terry M. and Lloyd Bryant to Charles and Regina Bratcher, property on or near Hwy 79, $60,000
Benjamin Fletcher Coleman, Coleman Revocable Living Trust, and Shawnda Coleman to Coleman Contracting Inc., property in Butler County, $200,000
Butler County, City of Morgantown, Klas Properties, LLC, Gwendolyn C. and William O. Royal to Diane and Elwood Dyer, property on or near Old Aberdeen Road, $80,000
Jerry A. and Kimberly Howard to Amanda L. and Christopher A. Johnson, property on or near Teddy Ave., $61,000
Ronald L. and Doris Woosley to Judy R. and Melven D. Hack, property in Butler County, $20,000
Valerie Cox to Valerie and William L. Smith, property on or near Locust Grove Road, $73,800
Sandy F. and Terry W. Embry to Charles and Regina Bratcher, property on or near Hwy 79, $60,000
Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, to David Bernado, property on or near Dimple Road, $20,500
Fays Mobile Home Inc. to Karla York, property in the Reedyville Vicinity, $9,411.32
Asberry and Sadie Aarine Fugate to Lyndsie M. and Mark A. King, property in Butler County, $20,000
James Gary to Butler County Water Systems Inc., property in Butler County for easement
Richard T. C. Wan to Butler County Water Systems Inc., property in Butler County for easement
John Bryan and Kathleen Givens to John Bryan and Kathleen Givens, property on or near Hwy 1153, love and affection
Shannon Leigh Givens Little to John Bryan Givens, property settlement
Della L. and Earl T. Harris to James and Lora Woodrum, property on or near Dexterville Road, exchange of property
James and Lora Woodrum to Della L. and Earl T. Harris, property on or near Dexterville-Oak Ridge Road, exchange of property
John R. Smith Living Trust to Nancy Elaine Heine, John R. and Elaine M. Smith Exempt Trust, property near Hickory Camp Creek, one half interest in property
Linda Maden to Mark Mulliniks, property on or near Brownsville Road, $95,000
Chris McGehee to Rock House Road Fund, LLC., Deed of correction for taking over ownership and maintenance of Common Area and Rock House Road
Ralph Wayne McKinney to Brian Edward Kitchens, boundary line agreement, $500
Barbara Kitchens, Brian Kitchens to Ralph Wayne McKinney, boundary line agreement, $500
Brian Edward Kitchens and Candy Carpenter Kitchens to Ralph Wayne McKinney, addendum to boundary line agreement, Civil Suit
Telisa and Thomas Wesley Phelps to Betty J. Drake, property in Butler County, Hunting Rights for 2014 1/135 interest
Timmy G. and Vicky L. Jones, Vicky L. Smith to Timmy G. Jones, Vicky L. Jones, and Vicky L. Smith, property on or near Hwy 403, $55,000
Irene and Romey D. Smith to Andrea Ellen and Shawn David Smith, property on or near Hwy 79, $157,500
Valerie and William L. Smith to Valerie and William L. Smith, survivorship deed
Judy and Richard Stephens to Jason and Jennifer Lee Kelton, property on Hwy 185, love and affection


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