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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover December 26- January 15.
Civil Cases:
Morgantown Bank &Trust vs. David Richmond
Tamara L. Demott vs. Barry Fox
Family Court:
Jerry L. Cannon vs. Sherri D. Cannon
Randy L. Havens vs. Amanda M. Havens
Mary Eve McGuire vs. Tony Lavon McGuire
Christopher B. Johnson vs. Sarah E. Johnson
Ronald Bower vs. Teresa Johnson
Marriage Licenses:
Wally Paladin Taylor, 55 and Ronda Lou Carroll,49, both of Morgantown
Andrew Giorgio Dotson, 32 and Julia Ann Reynolds, 19 both of Morgantown
Johnny Lee Cardwell, 27 and Alicia Marie Brown, 18 both of Morgantown
Andrew Scott Brooks, 19 of Greenville and Myrina Rose Roland, 19 of Morgantown
Timothy Randall Ashley, 22 of Quality and Sara Elizabeth House, 22 of Morgantown
Affidavit of Descent:
O.V. Brown
Edyee M. and Jim Sturgill to Hopkins Hardwoods Inc, property located on Bryant Hollow Road, $1,070,770, timber deed
Phoenix Energy Business Trust to Brixton Rite Aid CB Rite Aids, LLC, the Rite Aid Store, $1,600,000
Edyee M. and Jim Sturgill to Dunaway Timber Company, property on or near Bryant Hollow Road, $750,000
Steve and Jackie Evans to Eric Dillon Bryant, property on or near Oak Ridge Road, $540,000
Claron, Kathy, Owen, and Ronnie Carpenter, Ronnie and Susan Creek to American Leather Direct, Inc. property on or near Hwy 626, $150,000
Claron and Kathy Carpenter to American Leather Direct, Inc., property on or near Hwy 626, $20,000
Mary and Melvin Bowles, LLC to Chester and Peggy Smith, property on or near Hwy 403, $11,800
James and Kathy Cooper to Jeremy and Sara Cooper, property in Butler County, Love and Affection
Nissa K. Courtenay to Brian J. Courtenay, property on or near Morgantown Road, property settlement
Keith Dean to Miranda Dean, property on or near Buck Ridge Road, Love and Affection
Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Alison and Ernest Cardwell, property on or near Hwy 70, $97,000
Green Star Properties, LLC to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property on or near US 231, $2,500
Phillip Leon Vincent to Lee Ashley, property on or near County Road, $17,000
Caron and Dennis Sorrels, Kenneth Grubb, Debra and Kenneth Young, Betty and Kerry Grubb, and Kimberly and Patrick D. Grubb to Kimberly and Patrick Grubb, property on or near Eric Young Road, $43,552
Angela Faith and James David Hodge to Daniel and Joan Clary, property on or near Mud River Mine Road, $122,000
Michael J., Julia C. Hornback to Hornback Family Limited Partnership, property on or near Neafus Road, $20,000
Michael J., Julia C. Hornback to Hornback Family Limited Partnership, property on or near Elfie-Neafus Road, $20,000
Michael J., Julia C. Hornback to Hornback Family Limited Partnership, property in Butler County, $250,000
Star Tek Properties, LLC to April A. and Gary D. Johnson, property on or near Hwy 79, $250
David F. Hutcheson Sr. to Todd H. Hutcheson, property in Butler County, property transfer under the last will and testament
Kentucky Housing Authority to Deborah J. and Joseph R. Givens, property on Sawmill Road, $59,075
Chris McGhee to BLVI, LLC, disolve partnership
Jerry and Kimberly Moore to Rebecca K. Towe, property on or near Hwy 1118, $74,000
Judy Anne (Judith) Moore to Nalleridge, LLC, property part of Hudson Farms, capital contribution


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