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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Butler County Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover February 1 – February 15, 2012.

Family Court:
Jamie Delen Morgan vs. John Christopher Morgan

Jackee Lea Gable vs. Michael Allen Hudson

Charlette Ann Woodcock vs. Joshua Laron Woodcock

Sylvia Moreland vs. Joshua Peterson

Marriage Licenses:
Pamela Ann Connor, 55 of Russellville, and Jeffrey Glen Burchett, 55 of Kuttawa

Ana Luiza Tomas, 16, and Diego Ordonez Lucas, 28, both of Morgantown

Patricia Ann Lee, 46 of Beaver Dam, and Jerry Lynn St. Clair, 50 of Morgantown

Affidavit of Descent:
Donald C. Abell

Ronald Dean Lee

Ruby Mae Layne Renfrow

Patrick Abell, David and Jennifer Chapman to Salena and Scott Coleman, property in Butler County, $18,700

Margaret A. Billiter and Larry and Margaret A. Mayfield to Patrick Abell and Jennifer Chapman, property in Butler County, quitclaim deed, $1.00 (fair market value $1.00)

Todd Bratcher to Jami Marie Edwards, property in Butler County, $85,000

Ashley M. and Johnny W. Brooks III, Butler County, County of Butler, and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., property in Butler County, $46,000

Lloyd and Terry Bryant, Carolyn and Gary H. Embry, and Kara Jo and Scott Flener to Alan Felts, property in Quality, $170,000

Bruce Edwin and Mary Chaterine Carey to Kay S. and William C. Cloyd, property near Dimple, $5,500

Nancy Childres and Claire Kingery to William R. and Mary S. Hampton, property near Leetown, $20,150

Laura W. and Van C. Cohron to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property near Morgantown, $23,200

Glenn and Wanda Cruse to Barbara and Willie J. Young, property near Morgantown, $50,000

Jody and Jessica White Denton and Jessica White to Harvey and Fiona Sue Taylor, property near Dexterville, love and affection (fair market value $40,000)

Elwood and Sharon Diane Dyer to April and Shawn Johnson, property in Morgantown, $49,000

Cathy Felty and Cathy and Elbery Mullins to Patrick Abell and Jennifer Chapman,, property in Butler County, quitclaim deed, $1.00 (fair market value $1.00)

Anna and James Gates to Gloria L. and Kenneth R. Gates, property in Butler County, $150,000

Juanita Gilstrap to Zachary N. Taylor, property in Morgantown, $83,500

Jackie Hart to Patrick Abell and Jennifer Chapman, property in Butler County, quitclaim deed, $1.00 (fair market value $1.00)

Janet Carolyn Hinkle, Clifford Ray and Pamela Joyce Neely, and Ellen R., Frank Neil, Jack Reed, and Maurine Poole to Ellen R. and Frank Neil Poole, property in Rochester, $15,000

John and Lois Hooper to Lisa A. Page, property in Morgantown, $85,000

Roy E. and Ruth P. Joyner to Glenn and Wanda Cruse, property in Butler County, $50,000

Cassie Lee to Susie Williams, property in Butler County, quitclaim deed (fair market value $33,000)

Cindy, Dwight David, Gary, Randy, Paul, and Paula Lee and Susie and Tommy Williams to Dwight David Lee and Susie Williams, property in Butler County, trustee deed (fair market value $33,000)

Misty L. Martin to Bobby Joe Phelps, easement or right of way for access to property

Chris McGehee to Janice King Mills, property in Butler County, $12,000

Bernice O. Natoli to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property near Morgantown, $8,600

Gregory Austin Neighbors to Vickie Neighbors, property in Butler County, quitclaim deed (fair market value $125,000)

Robert S. Peach to Sherry Peach, property in Butler County, $1.00

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Darrell and Kimberly Bratcher, property in Roundhill, $22,700

Fiona, Fiona Sue, and Harvey Taylor to Jessica Denton, property in Morgantown, $38,725.72

Gerald and Heather Tyree to James Chad and Carmen Flener, property near Morgantown, $14,000

Glen and Juanita Sue Whittinghill to New Beginnings Ministry of Morgantown, property in Butler County, $135,000


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