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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information contained in this article is a matter of public record. The following information is from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices.

Family Court:

Jericho Logan Wagoner vs. Hannah Ramsey

Bryan Lovell vs. Shanda Lovell

Cheryl Lynn Green West vs. Roger Dale West

Sarah Keown vs. Jordan Keown

Brittany Nicole Wallace vs. Michael B. Wallace Jr.

Civil Court:

Freddie Hampton vs. Tyler Flener

Ally Bank vs. Alyssa N. Robinson

Mid South Capital Partners LP vs. Phillip Embry

Citibank vs. Bobby J. Chaney

Marriage License:

Derek Windell Jones, 46, and Lynzie Nicole Embry, 41, both of Morgantown

Kristin Marie Ann White, 19, of Leitchfield and Alex Bennett Delaney, 21, of Owensboro

Nathan Todd Daugherty, 31, and Shania Lynn Bowlin, 21, of Illinois

Jeffrey Dewayne Geary, 52, and Debra Allean Pharris, 48, of Beaver Dam


Darrell and Kimberly Bratcher to Paul Evans and Melissa Graehler, property in Butler County, $160,000

Pam and Randall Bratcher to Joshua Miller, property on or near Welches Creek, $173,400

Palmyra and Wayne Breckenridge, Fred Allen, Jesse Paul, Melva Thomas Johnson, Cynthia McKinney Smith, Eva Mae and Greg Russell, to James A. McKinney Heirs, LLC, property on or near Sugar Grove Road, FMV $1,950

Jason and Tabitha Daugherty to James and Twana Gipson, property on or near Boston School Road, $30,000

Richard Lee Farris Irrevocable Supplemental Needs, and Glendell Lee Lindsey Trust to David F. and William F. Mast, property in Butler County

Louise Herald to Michael Herald and Kevin Norris, property in Butler County, love and affection

Jerry A. and Kimberly D. Howard to Martha Holly and Michael Roy Howard, property on or near E. Whalen Road, love and affection

Kenny McPherson to Roger L. Lester, property on or near the Huntsville vicinity, $83,900

Linda and Billy Reneer to Mieke and Grant Embry, property in Butler County, $185,000

Patty and William J. Schrock to Mark E. Hammers, property in Rochester, $8,000 Willis Leasing, LLC to Thomas D. Willis, property in Butler County, FMV $66,000

Joyce Winchel to Jamie Casey and Jennifer Hunt, property on or near Hwy 403, love and affection

Debbie Embry to Stacy Ann and William Carroll Scott, property on or near Bryant Ridge Road, $86,500

Shawn Flannery to Mike McCrory, property on or near Reedyville, $18,500

Payton and Elijah Flener to Marcia Elms, property on or near Porter Street, $135,000

Dale and Sherry Ford to Hobert and Jan Taylor, property on or near Sanders Road, $302,500

Ada Denise and Ronald Wayne Holder and Alecia Meir Johnson, David and Donna Meir and Joshua M. Johnson to Ada Denise and Ronald Wayne Holder, Alecia Meir Johnson, and David and Donna Meir, property on or near Hwy 79, FMV$187,000

Keown Rentals, LLC to Melinda and Rachael Whittinghill, property in Butler County, $65,000

Kaylee Sue Lack and Wesley Massey to Stephen Jones, property in Butler County, $130,000

Bobby Lindsey to Melissa D. Palmer, property in Butler County, deed

Bobby L. and Renee F. McGuyer to Charles and Robyn Vincent, property in Butler County, $20,500

Patricia J. Pendley to Donna and Michael Forbes, property in Butler County, $235,000

Hollis Bradley Phelps, Mary Ruth, Michael Joe Raymer to Hollis Bradley Phelps, property on or near Welches Creek, deed of correction

Bryan and Leslie Saling to Curtis and Courtney Clark, property in Butler County, $178,000

Jerry and Tameron Shaw to Andy and Carrie Ford, private water easement

Cecil R. Simmons to Cecil R. Simmons and Sherry Williams, property in Butler County, love and affection

Barry K. and Kathrine M. Whitaker to Crystal Clear Investments, LLC, property on or near Gilstrap Rd, $42,500

Affidavit of Descent:

Clarence Dale Cardwell Geneva Clematis McKinney Johnson




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