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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover September 13 – October 7, 2012.

Civil  Cases:
Commonwealth of KY vs. Richard T.C. Wan, et al
US Bank National Association vs. Jennifer R. Bratcher
Commonwealth of KY, ex re Shelly Quinn vs. Donald Grimsley
Whayne Supply Company vs. Ananias Yoder
PBI Bank, Inc vs. James Saunders, et al
PBI Bank, Inc. vs Gettie Daymon West, et al
The Medical Center vs. Jeffrey Glenn Henderson

Family Court:
Eli Johnson vs. Nichole Johnson
Vonda Kay Turner vs. Jimmy Russell Turner
Tessa Cole vs. Eric Cole
Commonwealth of KY et al, Richard Nix vs. Madeline R. Nix
Darla Khae Franklin White vs. Michael David White, Jr
Angela Ettadouari vs. Aziz Ettadouari
Susan Deel vs. Tiffany Deel, et al
John Adams vs. Connie Adams

Marriage Licenses:
Lydia Katelyn Baks, 20, and Stephen Andrew Hill, 20, both of Morgantown

Kaylyn Grace Cardwell, 21, and Nathan Kyle McKinney, 24, both of Lewisburg

Katherine Emilia Elliot, 23, and Joshua Alan Johnson, 28, both of Morgantown

Martha Elizabeth Faulkner, 23 of Roundhill, and Daniel Wayne Scoggins, 26 of Bowling Green

Beth Erin Flewallen, 36, and James Matthew Deweese, 27, both of Morgantown

Juana Alonzo Garcia, 33, and Pendro Mendoza Alonzo, 32, both of  Morgantown

Courtney Ann Marie Herbert, 19, and Joshua Peay Gidcumb, 24, both of Morgantown

Rebecca Lynn Johnson, 20, and Branden Lee Anspach, 20, both of Morgantown

Ryann Beth McGuyer, 23 of Rochester, and Markus Duvall Bratcher, 22, of Morgantown

Teresa Hunt Porter, 59 of Morgantown, and Ronald Hobart Fentress, 69 of Lawrenceburg

Crystal Mae Runyon, 31, and Eldon Allen Jr., 65, both of Bowling Green

Sheena Melissa Shoulders, 25, and Michael Lynn Belcher, 53, both of Morgantown

Affidavit of Descent:
Ronnie Eugene Embry

Ona Russ

Angela N. and Marty A. Akers, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Bank of America NA, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, MERS, and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Ashley and Chad Cardwell, property in Butler County, $55,000

Gayle Brooks, Joyce Brooks, Kenneth Brooks, Roger Brooks, and Royce Brooks to Gayle, Joyce, Kenneth, Roger, and Royce Brooks, property in the Welchs community, trustee deed (fair market value $19,000)

Butler County, County of Butler, Sherman Inglis, Sherman Gabriel Inglis, Stephanie Inglis, Morgantown Bank & Trust Co Inc, Morgantown Bank and Trust Co Inc, Resi Whole Loan IV LLC, and The Medical Center at Bowling Green to Resi Whole Loan IV LLC, property near Mt. Olivet, $41,434

Gail and W.D. Cardwell to Mike and Latisha Cardwell, property near Gilstrap, love and affection (fair market value $500)

CitiMortgage Inc to Secretary of Housing and Development, property in the Needmore vicinity, special warranty deed (fair market value $35,500)

Mary Louise Clark to Alice C. and Bobby Joe Phelps, property in Butler County, love and affection (fair market value $10,000)

Commonwealth United Mortgage Co, County of Butler, National City Mortgage Co, Leslie D. Pierson, William C. Pierson, and PNC Bank National Association to PNC Bank NA and PNC Mortgage, property near Caney Fork, $44,085

Angela D. Deel and Angela D. White to Phillip McKinney, property near Sugar Grove, $7,500

Amanda, Lynzie, and Ronnie Embry, Jr. and Joey and Shawna Jones to Kathie Embry, property near Morgantown, $29,750 (fair market value $59,500)

Jackie and Steve Evans to Corine and Roscoe Alford, property in Butler County, $35,000

Jackie and Steve Evans to Bruce and Vonda Jennings, property in Butler County, $84,420

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey K. and Rebecca Jenkins, property near Eden, $132,300

Christina W. and Jimmy Flener, and Faustina W. Tarter to K. D. & S. Market LLC, K. D. and S. Market LLC, and KD&S Market LLC, property in Butler County, $67,500

Eva and Joe Forsythe to the Forsythe Family Irrevocable Trust, property in Butler County, $1.00 (fair market value $159,000)

Carla E. Goodley to Arthur and Rhonda Snodgrass, property in Butler County, love and affection (fair market value $1,000)

Christie Grubb, Christie and Charles E. Tomes, Jr. to Leslie and William Greg West, property near Morgantown, $142,500

Lourdes and Brandon Keith Hohimer to Britney J. and Todd T. Lee, property near Welcome, $105,000

Robert O. Hudnall Sr. to Breanna Nichole Hudnall, property near Caney Fork Church, love and affection (fair market value $17,000)

Ashley and Chase Ingram to Michelle Snodgrass, property in Morgantown,$83,500

McDonald's Corporation to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property in Morgantown, $131,928

Chris McGehee to David Rife, property in Butler County, $8,500

Non Typical Properties LLC to Hugh W. Clark, property in Ready community, $213,000

Non Typical Properties to Capt and Dana Inc, property in Butler County, $145,500

Delisa and Leonard Pendley to Delisa Pendley, property in Huntsville, Trustee Deed (fair market value $360,000)

Delisa and Leonard Pendley to Monte C. and Tabitha Baker, property in Huntsville, $175,000

Plantz Family Trust, Gerald D. and Nita C. Plantz to Shirley Ann Raymer, property in Butler County (fair market value $56,000)

Beatrice, Charles Tracy, and Melvin Percy Rone to Evelyn and Charles Tracy Rone, Jr., property near Region, love and affection (fair market value $32,000)

Beatrice, Charles Tracy, and Melvin Percy Rone to Melvin Percy Rone, property near Region, love and affection (fair market value $32,000)

Melvin Percy Rone to Melvin Percy Rone, property near Region, love and affection (fair market value $40,130)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Travor L. Martin, property near Leetown, $81,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jerry A. Howard, property in Morgantown, $36,000

Charles E. and Mary F. Smith to Jessica M. and Joshua S. Petersen, property in Butler County, $136,250

Doretha Townsley to Carlos and Teresa Webster, property in Butler County, $4,000

April Denise and Thomas Hershal West to Brandon K. and Lorna J. Lee, property near Welchs Creek, $60,000


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