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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information provided in this article is a matter of public record. The following records are from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and cover August 24- September 12, 2012.

Civil  Cases:

Embry & Watts PLLC vs. Gettie Daymon West

Embry & Watts PLLC vs. Vernon and Lisa Oaks

The Medical Center vs. Robert Gamblin

PBI Bank, Inc. vs. Sandra Kaye

Bank of America vs. Carolyn Graham

Autovest, LLC vs. Stephen Orsetti

Family Court:
Alberto Meza vs. Deena Michelle Meza

Jason Keith Dockery vs. Heather Jo Dockery

Theresa Gumm vs. Veronica L. Hunt

Marriage Licenses:
Stacia Dawn Coots, 22 and Terron Hosea Phelps 21, both of Morgantown.

Tammy Marie Poole, 40 and Robert Frederic Zlater, 45 both of Morgantown

Jodie Kayla Grubb, 22 and Andrew Scott Deweese, 31 both of Morgantown


Dirk and Leslie Adkins and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on or near Brooklyn Road, $152,591.32
Allied Holdings LLC to Stephen R. and Joanna Royals, property on or near Old Woodbury Road, $415,000.

BAC Homes Loans Servicing LP, Bank of America NA, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, Fifth Third Bank, and David Scott and Amanda Strasburger to Federal National Mortgage Association, property on or near McKendree Chapel Road, $140,850.

Martina P. Baize to Tommy and Telisa Phelps, property in Butler County $66,105.02.
Dale Bryant to Dewayne McGuffin, property on or near Hwy. 79 N $28,000.

Fredrick Clark, Fredrick A. Clark Estate to Anthony C. Clark and Steven Douglas Clark, property in Butler County to fulfill Last Will.
Gregory Adam Clark to Susie William, property in or near Old Morgantown-Woodbury, Love and Affection.
Hoyt Glendle Clark, Pauline H. Clark, Pauline Lillian Hardin Clark, and Sherry Clark to Ronnie and Sherletta Huff, property in or near Roundhill $80,000.
Thomas Ray Clark Jr. to Susie Williams, property in or near Old Morgantown-Woodbury, Love and Affection.
Bridget Neal Curry to Duane and Terri Curry, property in or near Old Morgantown-Woodbury, Love and Affection.
Duane and Terri Curry to Chris and Kelly Hughson, property in or near Sha-Ro-Ley $1,622.
Timmon J. Deel and Michael Johnson to Timmon J. Deel, property in or near Butler County, Love and Affection.
Amanda Dockery and Joey Dockery to Banks and Patricia Crandell, property in or near Butler County $25,000.
Michael Elmore to Brandon and Laura Henderson, property in or near Mud-Creek $229,000.
Jackie Evans and Steve Evans to Andrew D. Deweese, property in or near Welchs Creek $400,000.
Phillip C. and Gloria Jean Grisham to Chad Johnson, property in or near Hobson Street $54,000.
Hugh Render Hocker Jr., Kim Hocker, Kimberly Hocker, Kim Longenecker and Mary Kim Hocker to Hugh Render Hocker Jr. property settlement.
Jerry Howard, Kimberly Howard, Linda Howard and Michael Howard to Jeffery T. Moran, property in or near Hwy. 231 $118,500.
Chris and Kelly Hughson to Duane and Terri Curry, property in or near Sha-Ro-Ley $1.00.
Todd and Britney Lee to Parrish McCoy, property in or near Dimple $79,000.
Chris McGehee to Benjamin and Carrie Ann West, property in Butler County $102,500.
Robert and Beulah Middleton and Beulah Skipper to Dustin Avis Abbott, property in or near Huntsville-Silver City, Love and Affection.
Mark Norris to Melissa Norris property settlement.
Charles and Artie Patton to Preston and Lisa Hart property in or near Hwy. 70 $240,000.
Jack D. and Carol Scharlow to William E. and Patricia Sharer, property in or near Doolin Lake $200,000.
 Scott and Robin Schroeder to Donald T. and Angela M. Dockery, property in or near High Grove School Rd. $200,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kentucky Housing Corporation property in or near Roundhill $37,700.
Eddie T. and Lynn T. Sharer to The Possom Hollow Boys LLC, property in Butler County $77,500.
John and Sherry Shell to Cartus Financial Corporation, property in Butler County $240,000.
The Estate of Olie Irene Wilson and Olie Irene Wilson to William and Juanita Shepherd, property in or near Hwy. 105 $28,000.
Willis and Monica Wiley to Hazel Dee Clark, property in Butler County $80,000.


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