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Deeds and Courthouse News

 Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis.  Courthouse information contained in this article is a matter of public record.  The following information is from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and covers.

December 18 — December 31, 2018

Family Court

Heather Marie Dockery vs. Nathan Todd Daugherty

Elizabeth Marie Carter vs. Christian Dakota Carter

Carolyn Suzanne Embry vs. Bennie Ray Neal

Debra Allean Pharris vs. Kenneth Dewayne Pharris


Civil Court

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union vs. Michael Pierson

Ward Implement Company, Inc. vs. Walter Farms #2

Marriage License

Jimmy Ray Douglas, 49 and Christie Ann Vanmeter, 43 both of Morgantown

Brenton Chase Mudd, 33 and Amanda Nicole Durham, 19 both of Morgantown

Robert Wayne Waddle, 56 and Amy Susan Hood, 51 both of Morgantown


Raven Elizabeth Brooks, Kacy Kevin Clemmons, and Raven Elizabeth Clemmons to Jarrod Michael and Rebecca Lynn Jacobs, deed on or near Hwy. 79, $50,000

Century Lending Company, Century Mortgage Company, Jordan K. and Sarah R. Keown, Sunmark Limited, and Sarah Williams to Century Lending Company and Century Mortgage Company, conveyance on or near Cook Cemetery Rd., FMV $43,334

Flavie Delicat, Flavie Louis, and Presendieu Louis to Chris and Kayla Steele, conveyance on or near Butler County, $15,000

Brent and Carol Ann Evans to David Tanner Shain, conveyance on or near Welcome Rd., $140,000

Hutton Team LLC. to Hutton Basecamp LLC., quitclaim deed on or near Butler County

Luke and Hannah Jones to Mary Katherine Meier Hammerstone and Todd Russell Hammerstone, deed on or near Butler County, $160,000

Jeffrey and Rebecca Martin to Peggy Sue Pursley, deed on or near Hwy. 626, $119,000

Bradley and Samantha N. Phelps to Jerry N. Bedsole II and Stefanie Bedsole, conveyance on or near Hwy. 70, $63,000

Twanna Phelps, Steven and Linda Evans Staples, and Darral and Lisa Ward to Kevin and Donna McKinney, conveyance on or near Butler County, $75,000

Walters Farm NO. 2 Inc. to Shane and Felicia Wells, deed on or near Butler County, $64,056.30



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