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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information contained in this article is a matter of public record. The following information is from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and covers

 June 1-30, 2018

 Family Court

 Robbie Henderson vs. Cheryl Henderson

 Kathy Perrin vs. Anthony Perrin

 Jennifer Gail Flener vs. Kevin Lee Flener

 Emily Tyree vs. Nicholas Tyree

Cheryl Lindsey vs. Travis J. Lindsey

 Danny Jo McKinney vs. Toni Sue McKinney


Civil Court

 Morgantown Bank & Trust vs. Cynthia Lynn Anderson

 Medical Center vs. Samuel Douglas Givens

 Orgeon Community Credit Union vs. Robert Gray

 Service One Credit Union vs. Colton Dockery

 Capital One Bank vs. Victoria Hatcher

 Motorists Mutual Insurance vs. Tiffany Meadors

 Medical Center vs. Kelly Jo Roland

 Marriage License-

 Noel Franklin Belcher, 25 and Alexia Payton Smith, 25 both of Morgantown

 Dylan Thomas Craft, 21 and Alexis Lynn Henson, 22 both of Morgantown

 River Owen Dowell, 18 and Madilyn Nina McKinney, 19 both of Lewisburg

 Paul Michael Evans, 27 and Melissa Jane Graehler, 25 both of Morgantown

 Michael Allen Gray and Hayley Michelle Johnson both of Morgantown

 Patrick T. Henderson, 43 and Jenny Walden Northern, 38 both of Morgantown

 Brandon Shane Hirtman, 38 and Shea Larraine Sparks, 37 both of Morgantown

 Jeremy Cole Johnson, 36 and Jennifer Lynn Denison, 42 both of Morgantown

 Lucio Soto Lopez, 41 and Maria Guadalupe Neblina, 40 both of Caneyville

 Jake Christian Martin, 21 and Amber Noelle Phelps, 30 both of Morgantown

 Truman Daniel Meredith, 51 and Candace Rhea Burden, 39 both of Morgantown

 Aaron Lane Pickett, 21 and Brittany Natasha Baskin, 26 both of Morgantown



 Jennifer Cox , Kathy, Bobby, and Nancy Akins, Quincy Proctor, Bruce and Stacy Momon, Barbara and Lou Orefice, Rita and Roger Hankins, Brenda and Royce Keown to Bobbie Hooten, property in Butler County, $15,000

 Aleris Recycling Inc. and Real Alloy Recycling Inc. to RA Recycling, property on or near Hwy 70, $4,408,960

 Alexander and Alexander Risk Services LLC, Michelle Brown, Butler County, SDH Realty Inc., Sheri and W. Anthony Huff, Huff Grandchildrens Trust, Park Avenue Bank, VBN Bank, to The Park Avenue Bank, VBN New York LLC, property on or near Lettered Rock Ridge Road, $34,500

 BG Development LLC to Alvis Hart Beshear, property on or near Clark’s Landing Road, love and affection

 Crystal Dawn Bratcher to Amanda Gail and Jessie William Alford, property on or near the Casey-Oak Ridge Vicinity, $90,000

 Braxton and Ellen Broesamle to Louis J. Pannozzo, property on or near Carson Bridge Road, exchange of land

 Louis J. Pannozzo to Braxton and Ellen Broesamle, property in Butler County, exchange of land

 Bobby and Brenda Burden to Anita and Rondal Jenkins, property in the Huntsville vicinity, $50,000

 Pamela and Timothy Eugene Burden, US Bank National Association,  to Janie and Joshua Embry, property on or near the Clyde Christie Road, $107,000

 Amy, Lisa, Tim, and Todd Flener, James Eric and Tosha Flener Sublett, Randell Cardwell, Torrin Cardwell to Possum Hollow Boys, settle Civil Case 17-CI-0087

 Patricia Church and Kelly Ham Shelton to Star Tek Properties LLC, property on or near Hwy 105, $18,500

 James Williams and Kentucky Housing Corporation to Kentucky Housing Corporation, property on or near Perry Street, $56,880

 Tabitha and Terry Thomason to Adeline and Danny Michels, property on or near Alton Lane, $38,000

 The Estate of John Smith to John R. and Elaine M. Smith Exempt Trust FBO Charles Gregory Smith, Nancy Elaine Heine, property on or near County Road, quitclaim deed

 Daniel R. and Kristen L. Southerland to Deloris and Steven Jackson, property at Hunter Point, $227,000

 Jamie Southerland to Ripeland Properties LLC, property on Thomas Street, $59,000

 The Betty June Living Trust to Eric R. Johnson and Betty J. June, termination of trust

 The Doris Coleman Revocable Trust to Coleman Rental Partners, property on or near South Tyler Street, love and affect

 Nick Lindsey, Melinda Morgan Lindsey, Kim Lindsey to Delfino Rodriguez and Sandra K. Hernandez, property on or near Dimple Sugar Grove Road, $8,000

 James Leonard and Melva Elaine Pendley to Lorie Burden and Jon Morris, property on or near Rochester Road, $59,900

 James Leonard and Melva Elaine Pendley to Chad Michael Kopchinski, property in Butler County, $65,000

 Natalie Hughes and Scott Parks to JAG Properties LLC, property in Butler County, $60,000

 Douglas R. and Jillian K. Morris Jr. to Daniel and Julie Schulte, property in Sha-Ro-Ley, $187,000

 Florinda and William Mills Jr. to Glen and Lori Mason, property on or near Hwy 411, $70,000

 Harold and Lue Logan to Latica Lynn Matthews and Patrick Allen Thomas, property on or near Jake Pharris Road, love and affection

 Freida Hunt to Ben Hunt, property in Butler County, love and affection

 Freida Hunt to Stephen Hunt, property in Butler County, love and affection

 Freida Hunt to Samuel Clay Hunt, property in Butler County, love and affection

 JAG Properties LLC to Brenda and Timmy Hutchinson, property on Rochester Road, $60,000

 Tyler Jenkins to Kevin Jenkins, property on or near Bluett Coy Road, love and affection

 Willow G. and Carlis Givens Jr. to John and Shannon Lasiter, property on Pine Drive, $190,000

 Alma Jean Keown to Sandra Kay Rife, property on or near Old County Road, love and affection

 Randle Keown to Austin Cox, property on Middle Ferry Road, $50,000

 John and Shannon Lasiter to John Lasiter, property on Hwy 79, change of ownership

 Denzel Lindsey to Daniel Lindsey, property in Butler County, love and affection

 Dennis Harold Lindsey to Lamon L. and Teresa A. Miller, property in Butler County, $60,000

 Penny Sue and Ricky Albon Lee to Brittney and Joshua Mason, property on or near Welcome Road, love and affection

 Brent and Carol Evans to Penny Sue and Ricky Albon Lee, property on Welcome Road, $1

 Janie and Josh Embry to Chelsie Fisher, property on or near KY 1117, $45,000

 Erin and Randall Elliott to Pamela Ann and Troy Alan Gibson, property on or near Hwy 340, $70,000

 Deana and Todd Douglas to Coleman Holdings LLC, property on Ohio Street, $97,000

 Betty L. and Glenda Deweese to Betty L., Glendal, and Harold Glen Deweese, property on Helm Street, love and affection

 Justine Coots to Alisa and Sebra Wells, property in Butler County, love and affection

 Brooks and Sherrie Collins to Brittany and Zack Snow, property in the Brooklyn vicinity, $79.800

 Stephanie and Mac Coleman Jr. to Ashley and Nathan Britt, property on or near Hwy 403, $34,500

 Eva and Kenneth Hawes to James Runion Insurance Inc, property on or near Logan Street, $10,000

 Georgie Gill to Becky and Mike Gill, property on or near Hwy 3205, $15,000

 Kelli Lynn and Terry Martin Fugate to Jacob Ryman and Tessa Suzanne Lee, property in Rochester, love and affection

 Ronald Sonny and Teresa Fentress to Leslie A. and William G. West, property in Woodbury, $45,000

 Hilda Fae Clark to Glen and Juanita Sue Whittinghill, property on Walnut Grove Road, $150,738

 Michael David Coleman to Sonja and Thomas Jones, property in Shady Hills , $224,000


 Affidavit of Descent- None



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