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Deeds and Courthouse News

Beech Tree News provides courthouse statistics on a regular basis. Courthouse information contained in this article is a matter of public record. The following information is from the Butler County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices and covers April 24- May 31, 2018.

Family Court

Reva Ann Richards vs. Fred Monroe Richards

Jaclyn Kay Hance vs. William Beltran Garcia Jr.

Donald Lenz vs. Shawanna Lenz

Mindy Hubbard vs. Ernest Hubbard

Kimberly Hussung vs. A. J. Woosley

Jennifer Johnson vs. Ryan Johnson

Civil Court

The Medical Center vs.  Russell Odle

Century Mortgage Company vs. Jordan Keown

The Medical Center vs. Buddy Proctor

Capital One Bank vs. Eric Hixenbaugh

Synchrony Bank vs. Charles Baker

JEM finance vs. Brandon Hirtman

The Medical Center vs. Randall Evans

Service One Credit Union vs. Kendra Sullivan

Sacramento Deposit Bank vs. Christopher Raymer

Elizabeth Dawn Embry vs. William Lewis Mills Jr.

The Medical Center vs. Sandra K. Amos

The Medical Center vs. Kristy Jones

TD Auto Finance, LLC vs. David Mote

Jeffery Mosby vs. Kroger Limited Partnership

Terry Patten vs. Ronnie B. Mannis

Jetstream Holdings, LLC vs. Eugenia Sue Kimmel

Christie Findley vs. Jing Yang

Morgantown Bank & Trust vs. Kitchens Carpenter

Deville Asset Management vs. Connie Hunt

Marriage License-

Mark Ryan Johnson, 33 and Samantha Marie Camus, 23 both of Morgantown

Nicholas Blanton Lindsey, 54 and Kimberly Jean Maxfield, 46 both of Morgantown

Raymond Thomas McCormick II, 37 and Jami Nicole Carlberg, 30 both of Elizabethtown

James Michael Parker, 66 and Tabitha Ann Neighbors, 43 both of Morgantown

Daniel Wayne Pendley, 32 and Morgan Renea Chambliss, 25 both of Rochester


Sandra Amos, Sandra Hunt to Josh Amos, property in Butler County, love and affection

Cinda, Clayton Rex, and Spencer C. Arnold to Thomas C. and Virginia P. Hines, property on or near Huntsville Silver City Rd, $21,600

Carlie and Faye Beliles to Karen D. and Kelly R. Givens, property in Butler County, $10,000

Robert and Wilma Beliles to Brenda Burden, property on or near County Road, love and affection

Raleigh and Shirley Blancett to Charles Douglas and Matthew D. House, property on Tyler Street, $20,000

Bowling Green Radiology, Angie Campono, Estate of Michael House, Judy House, LVNV Funding, Metroplitan Life Insurance Company, Brandy Parker, Gavin Chase Parker, Medical Center  to Robert Parker , property in Butler County, $24,800

Steven and Tabitha Bratcher to Ethel C. and Tommy Whitmore, property on or near Brooklyn Road, $149,900

Deena Brown Embry and Kendall Ray Embry to Jon and Sherry Carden, property in Walnut Grove Estates, $131,000

James Loyd Brown Estate and Patricia Ann Brown to Patricia Ann Brown, property in Butler County, $1

Jerry L. Cannon to Jerry Edward and Justin Ray Cannon, property on Hwy 70, love and affection

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to VJM North Properties, LLC, property on or near Mud Creek Road, $12,250

Charlda and Kelly Chapman to Jeremy Martin and Michael Roy Howard, property on or near Cool Springs Road, $23,000

Patricia Childress, Patrica and Steven Pendley to Joseph Kitchens, property on Russellville Street, $110,000

Kellie Cummings to Marvin Avelar, property on or near Hwy 79, $81,000

Leeann and Patrick Daugherty to Mark and Melissa Gary, property on or near Indian Camp Creek, $175,000

The Estate of William E. Davis to Christy Joe Davis and Pamela Sue Davis Embry, settle estate

Barry K. and Regina L. Embry to Billie Joe and William Stinson, property on or near Huntsville Silver City Road, $35,000

Estate of James Robert Moiser Jr. to Shelby and Regina Elms Jr., property on Hwy 3182, $27,500

Heather Gaskey and James Gaskey to Leanna M. Cantrell, property on Taylor Lake Road, $179,900

Anna and Danny Hudson to Jessica and Matthew Hudson, property on or near Hwy 70, love and affection

William Scott Hullett to Floyd and Sheila Washer, property in Butler County, $127,500

Ronnie Hunt, Shelia Burden Hunt, and Christal Burden Raley to Melanie Hunt, property on Main Street, $15,000

Joel Jenkins to Jerry Jenkins, property in Butler County, love and affection

Brad and Stacye Johnson to Jamie Adrian and Tonya Lynn Key, property in Morgantown, $55,500

Chad and Robin Johnson to James Gaskey, property on Hwy 3182, $18,000

Della Jean Johnson to Florinda and William L. Mills, property on Cool Springs Road, Deed in lieu of foreclosure

Julie H. Peay, LLC to the County of Butler, creating a public benefit

Jamie and Tonya Key to Dawn Nicole and Matthew Allen Greenwood, property on Richland Church Road, $165,000

Richard Lacefield to K&M Supply and Rental Inc., exchange of land

Kenneth Marsh Irrevocable Living Trust to Ann Rhea Burden, property on Hwy 403, $75,000

Charles R., Esther, and Rebus Martin to Cameron Martin, property in Butler County, love and affection

Charles R., Esther, and Rebus Martin to Brittany Hudson, property in Butler County, love and affection

Charles R., Esther, and Rebus Martin to Cameron Martin and Brittany Hudson, property in Butler County, love and affection

Raymond and Shirley McKinney to Barry and Katrine Whitaker, property on Gilstrap Road, $30,000

Morgantown Butler County Chamber of Commerce to the City of Morgantown, property on Old River Road, $1

Cole and Sasha Overstreet to Brenda C. Keown, settle estate

Dianne and Roger Pharris to Bryan Donald and Shanda Lovell, property on Hwy 1118, $159,900

Betty Phelps to Carolyn Embry and Bennie Neal, property on Monford Road, $4,500

Betty Sue Phelps to Dianna and Gregory Carter, property on Hwy 70, love and affection

Eric and Heather Pine, Nathan Foster to Nathan Foster, property on Hwy 79, $38,667

Michael Glen Price to Amanda and Richard Bradley Durbin, property in the Hadley Community, $12,000

Gary and Geralene Robinson to Billy Joe Belcher, property in Butler County, $40,000

Don and Joan Smith to Richard D and Shea MarieWilson, property on Hwy 70, $25,000

David and Paula Taylor to Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, property on or near Hwy 106, $1

David and Paula Taylor to Edward and Velma West, property in Quality, $25,000

City of Morgantown to SPKY Holdings LLC, property on Hwy 70, $1,350,000

Rick L. Todd and Penny L. Todd Joint Revocable Trust to Margaret Webster, property on oe near Hwy 231, $30,000

Joyce White to Matthew White, property on Hwy 1187, love and affection

Glen and Sue Whittinghill to Jaken Enterprises, LLC, property on Hwy 70, $150,000

Glen and Sue Whittinghill to Norma Crawford, property in Butler County, love and affection

Kellie Basham Woodcock to Marvin Avelar, property on Hwy 79, $81,000

 Affidavit of Descent- None






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