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Debby Burden: A View From My Lens...

I hope everyone had a fabulous week. The world has definately gotten more colorful in the last week with mother nature adding splashes of color everywhere. I've really enjoyed wearing my camera out roaming the roads. I had a difficult time choosing just one photograph this week, so I just had to share two :)

We have a marvelous that blesses us everyday. Some days it's hard to feel blessed, but no matter how big or small, life is a blessing in itself. I asked each of you through this Easter season, to remember what this season is about and give God thanks for life and for giving His life. No better gift could man receive.

Have a great weekend everyone. And remember to take time to stop and smell the roses along life's journey.
I have put together a picture book of photographs that I've taken through time here in Butler County alone. It is not a history book, but a picture book of sights and nature that enhance the beauty of this gorgeous county we proudly call ours.
If your interested in purchasing one of these, please feel free to contact me at 270-999-5913 or email me at [email protected]. The cost is $43 per book.
Also, be sure to check out my website and find me on facebook. I also have framed and unframed photographs available at the BeechTree/WLBQ office.


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